Q1 real estate sales up 55%

Islandia Real Estate’s
Karye Carney spent a sunny Saturday morning pouring over results of the first quarter’s residential business. 

In her newly-launched blog, "View from Office Window," Carney reported the dollar volume of homes sold was 55% higher in the first three months of this year than last: $30.2 million compared to $19.5 million. 

Carney said the median price of homes sold was $1.275 million, the same as the median price of residences on the Multiple Listing Service.  As for the overall market, she said "The high (over $3.5 mil) and low end (under $2 mil) of the market are moving well, with the middle just starting to show some action."

3 thoughts on “Q1 real estate sales up 55%”

  1. Aren’t some sales people amazing?
    Has she looked at the land sales numbers over the past few years?
    Down, Down, Down. The market has changed on the mainland and the market has changed on St. John. Just admit reality.

  2. This sort of statistic would not fly in an Econ 101 class or any in Economics class for that matter.
    We all know it’s best to compare the volume of inventory year to year and the fact it could take 3-5 years. Which is a long time to wait.

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