Real estate report: new businesses listed

BodydeliThe Multiple Listing Service has added two new commercial listings including Best of Both Worlds and The Body Deli.  Both are located at Mongoose Junction. 

Both Worlds
sells original jewelry, fine art, and functional art, while Deli (one of its products is pictured at left) is the "first, original, and completely all-natural cosmetic deli in the country."

The residential market continues to bulk up.  There are now 89 houses offered, another record high.  The average price of a home is $2.3 million and the median priced listing is $1.7 million.  It has been at least two months since the number of listings has fallen.

Land and condo offerings show the same pattern.  Owners are offering for sale 210 lots on the MLS, 8 more than there were two weeks ago; condo listings stand at 25, 2 more than at our last report.

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