Real estate ‘bargains’ on St. John

Remember that story earlier this year about a local family agreeing to donate 180 acres of land for a public park in Coral Bay?

Well, maybe it won't happen.

Turns out the owners of the land, the Egbert Marsh Trust, haven't paid property taxes since 2000. The Lt. Gov.'s Web site shows annual property taxes of about $12,000 – $18,298 have been ignored. Now, the total due, with penalties, fees, and interest is $243,675.

So, the land is going up for sale at a Property Tax auction in the middle of January.

There are two other St. John parcels being offered for failure to pay back taxes.  Another 'bargain' could be a 1.27 acre lot in Peter Bay.  The St. John Land Investment Partnership owes $100,105 on it.

On St. Thomas, there are 15 properties to be offered and 15 on St. Croix. 

More info about the property tax auction is available on the Web site of the Lt. Governor.

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  1. After the auction, the property owners have one full year during which they can pay the amount they owe and retain ownership of the property.

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