Rarely reviewed restaurants, but good!

TripAdvisor and Yelp are full of reviews of St. John restaurants.  The reviews are often of the most popular eateries, like Zozo’s Asolare, Fatty Crab, and so forth.

Well, the Inquiring Iguana keeps his eye out for the unusual.  Two recent reviews caught his eye.


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Sogo’s rates 4/12 stars on both Yelp and Trip Advisor.

Gabrielle S. says the unpretentious, West Indian restaurant is her island favorite. “In March 2013 am bringing my whole new extended family there for dinner on my wedding night!,” she wrote. “Cannot recommend the food and staff highly enough.”

Angela L. would agree. Although the place is pretty small, amnd sometimes doesn't look like it's open, she’s ventured in a few times. “We loved it when we were last here 5 years ago, and were thrilled to find it's still in business with the same people running it.  For lunch they offered steamed King fish with Creole Sauce and SIX side dishes for $12. The Creole sauce is fantastic; just perfect to our tastes. "

Adam C. calls Sogo’s, “Definitely a good spot for authentic Caribbean food in an area where that is surprisingly not that easy to find.”  He loved the conch in butter sauce. His wife had the creole shrimp.

Photos of Sun Dog Cafe, Cruz Bay
This photo of an entree at Sun
Dog Cafe
 >>> is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

The Sun Dog Cafe
, another four-star fave, is a big locals’ hangout. Not that everybody isnt welcome, but it has a big island following.

Natalie H. calls it a must stop. “Their daily specials and spicy, flavorful Roti and not to be missed,” she said. 

Trevor Y said he “stumbled” on the place and is glad he did. “The Bloody Mary cocktails were superb and offered just enough spice to get my day started. I had the southwest scramble which was fantastic.” 

Sun Dog produces great sandwiches and inventive entrees from a small kitchen  rammed intlo a wooden kiosk. “The menu is impressive for a kitchen the size of a Volkswagen Beetle,” said The New York Times.

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  1. Haven’t tried Sogo’s (yet!) but we go to Sun Dog each year for Wednesday Night Jam and dinner and love their food! Lunch is great there too! It’s amazing what comes from that tiny kitchen and the staff is great!

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