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So last week I was talking to Dave Conro over at Cimmaron St. John. Dave asked me if I’d been to Starfish Market lately, and I said I had, but only quickly to pick up a few things. Here’s the thing about St. John – a super quick trip for “a few things” to any of the markets usually turns out with you spending way more than you can fathom “a few things” would or should cost. Grapes, for example, happen to be one of my favorite snacks. I picked up a bag and was shocked to see that a very small bag of grapes cost me $14. Yes, $14! I ate every last one of those darn grapes … even the mushy ones. I digress – Back to Dave…

So Dave was shopping at Starfish last week when he happened by the seafood section. Look what he found…

Ridiculously expensive tunaThat’s right – $36.99 a pound for tuna! Now I’m no fisherman, nor am I a tuna connoisseur but that seems to a tad outrageous to me. What do you all think?

Now here’s another random musing that’s been swirling in my mind this week… Did any of you happen to notice that the two new ferries that have sat idle in Cruz Bay since the first weekend of August actually moved this past weekend. (Come on you avid Spice Cam watchers, you know you saw it 🙂 ) Anyone curious why? Well they were moved due to a small toy boat. Well at least that’s what the Tradewinds had to say.

tradewinds ferriesOk, I have to admit these toy boats are pretty intense. Our dear friend Captain John Brandi posted about the boat races and included a quick video the other day on his Facebook page. You can see that these little toys are the real deal… (You have to be logged into Facebook to view the video below.)

Unfortunately the ferries were back in the harbor Monday morning and back to blocking the view. But you know what, these ferries give us random stuff to talk about, as does the ridiculously expensive tuna and all of the other random things that happen on this lovely little island. How could you not love St. John??!! Seriously, how could you not. 🙂 Happy Thursday everyone!

13 thoughts on “Random Thursday Musings…”

  1. Anyone who cant figure out how to not over spend at the markets down here is not savvy and an idiot. Get over it. There are some things you just can buy.

  2. My random musings.
    1. The day BEFORE the toy boat collision, the ferrys were fired up, motors running and what sounded like generators running.
    I had not heard them do that since August 3rd.
    coincidence they do that on Friday then on Saturday they get hit ? and just so happen to have two captains available to move them no place for them to go? I’m calling shenanigans!
    2.elena bush needs to relax. “Idiot” ? Really ?
    The shopping surprise happens, we all have done it, we all know about & we are not idiots.
    I think I’ll be “savvy”, & go buy what I want regardless of price, & then get over it. Sheesh.

    • “I think I’ll be “savvy”, & go buy what I want regardless of price, & then get over it”…………………..while the supermarket owners laugh all the way to the bank;) hahaha

      gotta admit tho, anything that mentions gluten free, organic, or fresh, is outta control price wise. But it’s only because people still buy no matter what.

      Stick with Paleo and yur good to go!

  3. I’m pretty sure they were asked to move ,as were some other boats, to make room for the racers. By the way don’t think this would be a great event for one of the Carnival activities.

  4. I am going back to when you digressed… I love grapes too! For an extra special treat put them in the freezer (even the mushy ones) for a couple days. Now you have a very special snack and they last longer!

  5. I understand you probably want this to be a free speech website but you should monitor the postings so jerk bags like Elena Bushwhacker get booted. Lighten up lady.

  6. LOL about the grapes! I had a small get together last visit where I served munchies that included a fruit tray. When I looked at the receipt after check out, the grapes were $16! I gave the leftovers to a local friend when I left and said “make sure you eat all of the grapes!”.

  7. We saw the r/c race boats while returning to Cruz Bay aboard Privateer Charters. Wow! They were impressive!

    And yeah, I think calling everyone that overspends a blatant idiot is a little harsh. I screwed up and picked up the blue organic tortilla chips without looking at the price. I think they were maybe $8 or $10. Plain old tostitos would’ve been my choice. Ok, so maybe I was an idiot during that shopping trip…

  8. Should’ve left them at the creek for good. Or put them to use already!
    why not find somewhere else to put these monstrosities. it’s such an eye sore; A testament to government incompetence. Get a petition going, like the one for the open-air cabs-happy to see them still around.

  9. In the states for a week and was just at a very expensive Organic store. Two beautiful large tuna steaks $10 for both. Apples, still crisp, fresh backed organic bread, under 3$ we are having state side sticker shock.
    The thing is the tuna all comes from the same vender whether you are in the VI or the states.

  10. Depends on the grade of tuna..but I would say someone is making a killing on that. Locally sourced tuna should not be that much. I think its a case of “if people are willing to pay” the markets will keep charging. In New England the last few years, there has been a glut of lobster such that you could buy it for $3 a pound off the boats…but all the restaurants still charge $40 for a lobster dinner and the tourists keep lining up to pay it!

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