Random Island Thoughts

Lind Point Overlook
Lind Point Overlook

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend! Today’s story is going to be a lot of random thoughts. 🙂

For those of you who have been on island recently or are lucky enough to be on island right now, you will have noticed that the island is very crunchy in several areas including Cruz Bay. We are in desperate need of rain here. The trees, especially once you pass Mongoose Junction and head up to the Cruz Bay overlook on North Shore Road, are especially crunchy looking. Many people think the trees were damaged from the hurricanes, but what you are seeing is actually from the lack of rain here. Coral Bay looks very dry too. It’s so dry that the governor recently issued a territory-wide burn ban. So let’s all do a little rain dance for the island…

Work continues at Wharfside Village. After a few setbacks pertaining to permitting and insurance, work is now going “full steam ahead,” according to our friends over at the site. The Beach Bar continues to open a few days a week on the beach with live music. We expect they will open early this summer along with out friends over at Joe’s Rum Hut. Fingers crossed on that one!

Work is also continuing over at Caneel Bay. There’s no word on what’s happening there, but I have heard repeatedly that the current operators are looking to flip the property. And as of this morning, a new Bill has not been introduced in Congress to grant them a RUE extension. The main principle stated publicly at a community meeting in 2018 that he would not reopen the resort fully without a RUE extension. The current RUE expires in 2023.

Work has finally begun in Coral Bay at the site of the old Island Blues building and the neighboring building. Both were destroying in Irma. A dumpster is out front, and I’ve seen workers slowly starting to clear the debris in recent weeks. More progress folks.

Lime Out is hopping over in Round Bay near Hansen beach on the east end! This is the new floating taco bar. The owners are discouraging guests from swimming out to it, presumably due to liability issues, but News of St. John Tours can bring you there! We offer a combination land and sea tour where you spend three hours on land with me and then three hours on the water with Flyaway Charters. It’s really the best of both worlds! And when you’re on the water, Flyaway can bring you to the floating taco bar for lunch and a drink! Email me at [email protected] to learn more.

And lastly, the island is pretty quiet this week. We have had a very good season so far. Our restaurants have been packed. Our boat charters have been booked. I’ve been swamped here with my island tours, which I love! But this week, we have less people on island, so it’s a great time to relax on a quiet beach with very few others.

And for those of you who need a little more St. John in your lives, St. Johnopoly is scheduled to ship next week! Order your copy today and receive it next week! You can order your copy by clicking the Buy Now button below. It will bring you to a secure PayPal page. (Games will not be available on St. John util June 2019.)

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That’s all we have for you today. Have a great one!

8 thoughts on “Random Island Thoughts”

  1. What is the bill in Congress for Caneel Bay RUE? How can we reach out to our legislators to oppose it? My understanding was that most on island were opposed to Caneel bypassing the park service and trying to leverage off-island connections to get another free pass on taxes.

  2. We have been back from St John for 10 days now, and I miss it!
    The island was crunchy (as you described) I am doing a rain dance for you all. Seems that we are getting too much rain here. Continue on the good vibes, always be St John Strong!
    Glad to say we have friends arriving today!! YES!

  3. Hi Jen! My wife and I are looking forward to our return to STJ on 5/6. We were last there with our kids and their spouses in 11/2016 and stayed at the wonderful Estate Fortsberg. This trip will be lower key staying near Estate Zootenvaal. Hope you get rain between now and the time we arrive, and nice weather while we’re there! Hope to meet you!

  4. Prayers to the island for some much-needed rain! And always great to hear of triumphs and continued progress….. Thanks Jenn!!

  5. Any news on Cinnamon bay with cabins or camping opening any time soon? Thank you and looking forward to coming next winter.

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