Rafting Caneel Bay Resort

A long time ago, in a land far away, Mrs. Inquiring Iguana and II stayed at Caneel Bay Resort.

The main beach was heaven.  The sand ws white, the sun caressed the beach late into the afternoon, and my favorite place on earth soon became the raft out in the water. Nothin' like swimming out there, after a lunch of Bloody Marys, and falling asleep on its gritty surface.  The fact an occasional turtle would pop its head above the water as you paddle out was just a bonus.

In the middle of last week, Mrs. II and II went to Caneel, had lunch (now the home of the $47 hamburger), and set up shop on the beach.

"What's different," I inquired of her.  "Dunno," she said. 

"I do.  There's No raft."

Here's proof.

Then, with some friends visiting from Maine, we went to Caneel for lunch and then some beach time. 

Guess what, sports fans?  The raft is back!!! Looks like it got some fresh paint, and it's on the job.  Hoo-ray!


5 thoughts on “Rafting Caneel Bay Resort”

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  2. Lunch at the buffet is wonderful. If you stick to the cold buffet island and skip the hot stuff the price is a very affordable $23 including coffee or tea, lots and lots of salads and their fabulous desserts. If you spring for the hot stuff, price jumps to about $35.

  3. I’m surprised they let you use a beach chair. In Sept. 2008 we visited Caneel for the day and were the only people on the beach. The got mad because the wives were using a chair. This after spending $100+ on lunch. Oh well it’s still a beautiful beach.

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