Pure Joy Seen at Carnival!!

2018 carnival pic
Images credit: St. John Tradewinds News

Well folks, I clearly can’t stay away from you all. 🙂

As you all know, I absolutely love carnival time on St. John. But this year was different. Granted I was not able to be there in person as I’m up in the states taking care of little Dalton, so like many of you, I pored over every video and picture I could find this past week. And do you know what I saw? Pure joy. I saw pure happiness. It was the first time in a long time that I saw this on so many island faces. It was amazing, and it made me so happy. My friend Michelle Cawthron who owns Paradise Planning said it best the day after carnival ended:

“Sitting here looking at pictures from the last few days that many people on St. John have posted and I am crying happy tears. Months ago, many of us didn’t know which way was up. Our island was turned upside down, as were most of our lives and livelihood. Some days have not been easy…heck, most, not some days, have been TOUGH. We have all faked smiles or said “I’m ok” in daily conversations when our hearts and minds have really hurt. Yesterday, I saw so many REAL smiles. So much happiness was out there on that road and in that Village. We have all pushed through! We have all held on to hope and the promise of this Rock during some pretty crazy times. Carnival may be over but do your best to hold on to that happiness, St. John! I sure am going to!”

So, so true.

Check out this sheer happiness on so many faces that we all love in this video created by Christian Wheatley Photography:

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