Loud public hearing about St. John noise

Nearly 150 people crowded into the parking lot of the new Legislature building to give voice to their feelings about loud music and noise on the island.

Sen. Craig Barshinger arranged the event after receiving complaints from folks, including in Coral Bay, that music being played in bars and restaurants was irritating some people.

However, what Barshinger called "the passion level of some of the proponents of unlimited noise" apparently reduced the visibility of the complainants, the St. John Source reported.  

The Source summed up the tenor of the meeting as, "Loud music is our culture and if you don't like it, leave." The meeting "turned raucous several times" as people interrupted speakers or voiced support for others' comments.

The VI deputy police chief, Darren Foy said the Department does have the $100,000 worth of sound meters authorized to help enforce a recently-passed noise ordinance for the Territory.

However, he continued, the Source reported, "The trainer told him he can't train officers to use them be cause the law is too vague." 

3 thoughts on “Loud public hearing about St. John noise”

  1. The idea that loud music is anybody’s culture is absurd. Disrespectfully loud behavior of all kinds has always identified the lowest elements of EVERY culture.

  2. Loud music is not so much the issue as when and where it is being played.
    Peoples “right” to play loud music needs to be balanced against others “right” to not have their home’s or business overwhelmed by music.
    Many places allow loud music, even in residential areas , at certain times and at certain decibal levels. Part of the time, but not at other times.
    To say that any loud music is acceptable anytime or any place, because the culture likes loud music, is as unreasonable as a “No loud music zone” All cultures like music, not everyone wants to hear it at volume 100 at 2 AM.
    It is a matter of balance.

  3. Meter readers cost anywhere from 20.00 to 129.00.That is a lot of meter readers for 100,000 dollars.For that kind of money everyone in Cruz Bay should be able to have one.
    And really how much training does one need to read 3 numbers?
    Id like to see the invoice for all of these meters costing 100,000 dollars.
    I think the moter cycles are out of control…Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at 3 and 4 in the morning is enough to give someone a heart attack.

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