Property Tax bills to be reissued

A federal Appeals Court decision has cleared the way for the Virgin Islands government to reissue 2006 tax bills.  Earlier this year, a Federal District Court judge ruled the VI’s was in contempt of court for issue the bills because it had not approved the Territory’s recent property revaluation.  But an appeal of the decision was struck down last week by the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

In a statement, Gov. John de Jongh called the Appeals Court’s stay of the contempt finding, "A significant step toward the successful collection of much needed tax revenues that will allow the Government of the Virgin Islands to provide the infrastructure and services necessary for residents of the territory to maintain a standard quality of living.”

He added that Attorney General Vincent Frazer will meet early next week with Tax Assessor Roy Martin, Lieutenant Governor Gregory Francis, himself, and to determine when the 2006 Property Tax Bills will be re-issued and the method by which those revenues will be collected.

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  1. Good luck with the wind and rain event. I told you so. Oh the last comment on your tax bills. I mentioned that you still owe them so might as well pay 80 % or something like that is what i commented on.

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