Property tax bill coming in July

The first of two well-overdue property tax bills is likely to be in a mailbox near you in July.  So said the territory's Tax Assessor, Bernadette Williams, in remarks to the Virgin Islands Daily News.

The bill in July, at the 1998 rate, will be for the year 2006.  The 2007 bill can be expected by New Year's.

The bills will be sent after the VI Senate approved the Governor's request for their issuance.  What the Senate did not approve was the John de Jongh's plea for the OK to do a issue for $110 million.  The money would be used, essentially, for government operating expenses. 

Because the Territory has not collected property taxes for four years, due to federal court objections, the Virgin Islands government is darn near broke.

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5 thoughts on “Property tax bill coming in July”

  1. Will we be rebilled for 2006 and 2007 property taxes if at some point a higher tax rate (than the 1998 rate) is eventualy passed?

  2. The question of re-billing hasn’t come up. Plan is for the ’06 bill in July, payable 60 days after receipt, and then a 2007 bill (at 1998 rate) in (estimating) December, payable in 60 days.
    They’ll try to kick in the new rates as son as they can get the court to say OK, bu I don’t hear anybody expecting that anytime soon. besides, there are several lawsuits contesting the assessments, and that could further delay collections.

  3. No suggestion of rebilling. After all, a bill is a bill.
    A paid bill is a paid bill.
    But .. yeah, it is the VI.

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