Property Tax bills scheduled for mailing

Here come the tax bills.

The chief of staff for the Lt. Gov has told the Senate Finance Committee the first property tax bills calculated using new valuations and assessments will be mailed July 31.  In a report of testimony by Raymond Williams, the St. John Source did not say when the tax bills would be due for payment. 

He did say, however, that because real estate sales have been slow over the past year, anticipated revenue from transfer taxes will probably be less than budgeted.  Read the Source story here: http://www.onepaper.com/stjohnvi/?v=d&i=&s=News:Local&p=1212899546

1 thought on “Property Tax bills scheduled for mailing”

  1. I called the tax office in STJ on 7/31. They told me they knew nothing about tax bills going out.In fact, she asked me where i had heard such a thing! Is she kidding?….I read her the article from the source, she then asked her supervisor who also said she didnt know anything about the bills going out.So i guess we wait…..

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