Proper packing for Paradise

Snoopy7982 raises this interesting question at the Virgin-Islands-On-Line forum for St. John.

"What clothes do I need other than bathing suits, cover-ups and sundresses? Can my husband wear shorts in all restaurants or should he bring some slacks?"


Seems like a lot of people have the same answer.  "Each time we go, we vow to bring less and less," is the way FourStreams put it.  "From 3 golf shirts to 1 … from 3 pairs of nice shorts to 1 … 4 tee shirts to 2." And, since many villas have a washer and dryer (ask your management company), that helps reduce what you need to bring."

"I usually buy a tropical sundress or two while I am there," added LaRue1975. "Hubby just brings his (bathing) suits, shorts and 1 tee shirt.  He will buy at least a dozen new ones everywhere we go.  On one cruise, I think he bought 20.  He might have a problem."

All the commenters stressed the casualness of St. John.  "The only time I wore socks was when we went hiking," said KOD.  Even most restaurants are casual.  "There are virtually no places on the island with a dress doe," explained Pia, a long time island resident.  But, in places like Zozo's and LaTapa, "A collared shirt is nice for dinner."

Both Pia and Rick Garvin, a frequent visitor, have  suggested packing lists.

9 thoughts on “Proper packing for Paradise”

  1. One thing that makes me shake my head is so many people on the forum preach about “if it is yellow, let it mellow” and similar conservation efforts but think nothing of doing daily loads of wash to avoid checking a bag.

  2. Well said Heather. My husband and I stayed for 17 days last year and did one load of laundry on day 10 or something. We brought most of our clothes home dirty. The first time we went to St.John we stayed at Concordia and they do a great job of making you aware of the islands limited resources. That first year I brought packaging and bags and stuff home because I didn’t want to add it to the trash on St.John.

  3. My wife and I are the exact same way. Whenever we travel we shoot for 0-1 loads of laundry. Generally we take a clean trash bag to fill with our dirty clothes and that becomes like our “hamper” for the trip. On the way home we stuff it back in the suitcase and that way we don’t have worry about anything but having a good time while we’re there.

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