Price survey compares Dolphin and Starfish

A food basket survey by the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs found the best prices were at Dolphin Market in Cruz Bay.  The bill for 30 items at Dolphin was $103.27. At Starfish Market the price was $115.22, a difference of about 10%.

By comparison, the cheapest basket of 33 items on St. Thomas was at Pueblo Long Bay, $98.91.

Just doing simple math, the average price of an item in the St. Thomas food basket was $3.00.  On St. John, the average price was $3.44, 15% more than on St. Thomas.

While Starfish has some of the highest prices, its offerings appear to be more broad, according to a report of the food survey in the Virgin Islands Daily News

Starfish is the only store which sells milk by the gallon and ground beef by the pound, the story said.  However, Dolphin charges $1 less than Starfish for a dozen eggs. Flour is also cheaper at Starfish but chicken wings were cheaper at Dolphin.

6 thoughts on “Price survey compares Dolphin and Starfish”

  1. We have always found that Pine Peace Market has the best prices for beer and wine as well as staples like crackers, chips,salsa, paper products, cleaning products etc.

  2. Hey Mark, math looks OK to me:
    Avg. item on St.Thomas: $3.00
    Avg. item on St.John: $3.44
    Difference: .44
    % Difference: 14.66%
    Or did you spot something else?

  3. WOW…Looks like we have some serious Math guru’s amongst us…oops…did I spell “guru” correct…
    tough crowd…
    Thanks for the info, Frank. Always so helpful!

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