Price Reduction on Popular Business

smoothie from street
(File photo – May 2018)

Hello everyone and happy Monday! It’s the beginning of the workweek for many of you, but we’re going to try to make it brighter for all of you!

We were watching the weather over the weekend, and we noticed that it’s pretty darn chilly in a good part of the country. We also saw that many of you got clobbered with snow and ice. I’m pretty positive that weather like that makes you dream about St. John just a little bit more than normal, so we thought today would be a great day to tell you about a business that has had a nice price reduction. Many businesses here on island have sold to News of St. John readers … maybe this business is for you!

Colombo’s Smoothies is the wildly popular smoothie shack located around mile seven on Centerline Road. It not only has delicious smoothies of all flavors, but it also adds free rum to any smoothie (provided you’re over 18, of course!).

smoothie rum sign

The business originally listed for $235,000. Its new asking price is $199,000.

This turnkey business is located on a half acre of lease land. The monthly rent is just $1,545. It currently has a five year lease. And as an added bonus, there’s room for expansion.

Colombo’s is listed with Jennifer Gibbud of Islandia Real Estate. For more information, please email [email protected].

8 thoughts on “Price Reduction on Popular Business”

  1. how in the world can anyone make $1500 rent on a 200sq foot pc of land and pay a business loan off from smoothies. Pretty sure there’s a bit of greed in this…

    • We just stopped there while in town in December. Smoothies are pricey – think $7-9 apiece. Not sure how many they sell a day, but assuming it’s 50-100 smoothies, they are starting with about $350-900 in revenue/day. From that you have to deduct food costs and labor. I could see the math working for someone looking for a lifestyle business.

      Note: mosquitoes in this area are fierce. Plan on investing half of the profits in DEET 🙂

  2. Seems like a cash cow to me. All you need is some cheap rum, lots of ice and a little fruit. Probably 90% pure profit. What you’re really selling is cool vibes. Not sure if tourism is back yet but when it does return I think you could easily clear $1000 a day. I would diversify and start selling fresh coconut water from the Dominican Republic like they do on St. Thomas. I’m interested but more at 50K not 200K just to be safe. If seller is interested post a response please.

  3. Just a comment for current/future owner: Make sure the person running/working the stand knows how to make smoothies!! We’ve been stopping at this smoothie stand for YEARS while coming to STJ. Always amazing….never had a ‘bad’ smoothie from here until….last May (2018). We brought friends & were so excited about stopping here. Between the 4 of us, only 1 smoothie was even drinkable. Basically we took a few sips & threw it away (regrettably). We didn’t stop there again that trip (usually we get smoothies several times/trip). For us this was a rare occurance & one I hope is cleared up by now!

  4. I own a Smoothie King franchise in northern Maryland and have been an aficionado all my life. I love the smoothies from Colombo’s. Does anyone know the origin of the name?

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