Friends fundraiser gala at $7,000/night villa

Presidio del Mar, a six-bedroom, six-bath villa on St. John’s tony south (earlier we said 'north') shore enclave, Peter Bay, will again be the site for the annual Friends of the Virgin Islands Park gala next February.   The multimillion dollar property (It sold for $14 million 14 months ago.) has nine satellite TVs, Viking appliances, air conditioning in all rooms, and is posted on line for rental for $3,300-$7,000 a night.

Joe Kessler, executive officer of the Friends group, mentioned the gala during an appearance at a recent St. John Rotary Club appearance. 

He noted the Friends group will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year.  Looking ahead, plans are for the Friends to install 14 more moorings in Park waters, in addition to the 250 moorings already in place.  These new moorings, however, will be for what Kessler called larger vessels, presumably luxury 100-foot-plus yachts, another sign St. John is attracting more attention. In a comment on this story, the Friends said uh iuh … maximum will be 100-footers.  Economy size 🙂

Kessler also said another activity of the Friends has them ‘diving for gold.’  Well, not exactly, but Friends and Park staffers are hunting for stones used as ballast on a ship which went down near Johnson’s Reef.


4 thoughts on “Friends fundraiser gala at $7,000/night villa”

  1. Frank, a few corrections and clarifications:
    – Peter Bay and Presidio del Mar are on St. John’s NORTH shore.
    – The 12 new moorings that will be installed in December are for vessels in the 60′-100′ range. All of the +/- 350 moorings already installed by the Friends are for vessels up to 60′. These new moorings will now make VINP an (almost)anchorless park, a long-time goal of the park and he Friends.
    – The Friends will be funding a survey of submerged cultural resources in the area between Windswept Point and Cinnamon Bay to add to the maratime history of St. John and the VIs.
    -While enjoying the Friends gala last year, the new owners of Presidio del Mar offered to host the event in 2013. We are very grateful to them for their generosity and willingness to open up their home to a couple of hundred of their “new friends”. The gala will be held on February 23, 2013.

  2. Seem to me quite a few hedge fund founders who own properties on St. John, this being one. Good taste in property. He certainly doesn’t need rental income. 🙂

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