Power Restored to Parts of Coral Bay!

Several of the linemen in Coral Bay Friday. Photo courtesy of Flyaway Charters
Several of the linemen in Coral Bay Friday. Photo courtesy of Flyaway Charters

Such great news to share with you all! Power has been restored to parts of Coral Bay! Yahoo!

Indigo Grill and Pizzabar in Paradise were among the first to have power restored Thursday night – three months and one day after Hurricane Irma hit, knocking out power islandwide. (Power was first restored to parts of Cruz Bay back on October 27th.)

My friend Leah Randall owns Flyaway Charters with her husband Colin. She lives in Coral Bay and gave us the scoop on who has power. According to Leah, Skinny Legs, Love City Mini Mart and Calabash Market all have power. Great news! She said they were working earlier today on homes up Gerda Marsh and Constanza roads.

Another friend Lori Stevenson owns Alice By the Sea, a beautiful vacation rental across from Miss Lucy’s. She said that her neighbors were energized on Friday too. More great news!

According to WAPA, additional customers living in Grunwald, San Souci, Cruz Bay, Chocolate Hole, upper Fish Bay, Carolina and Ajax Peak all had power restored Friday. Amazing.

Things are getting better every day. And you know we’ll keep you posted on what happens next!

December 15th edit: Since we have written this, there has been a great deal of power restoration out in Coral Bay!!

6 thoughts on “Power Restored to Parts of Coral Bay!”

  1. My friends that live near Miss Lucy’s got power today. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to flip that first switch that turned on the lights….the refrigerator…the hot water heater. My god. 93 days without power. BBC linemen are the holiday angels.

  2. In the past we have rented Sunrise villa in Calabash Boom. I wondered how it fared in the storms. The road getting there was always a challenge. It must have been impassable after the storms.

  3. Good Evening, this is great news. Every time I look at the news I get sick, murder, terror attacks, children starving, yikes ! News of StJ is the Good News Network ! I’m throwing my tv in dumpster. Cate, please don’t forget about the men and women of WAPA

  4. They are still planting poles on my road in upper Carolina but a sure sign that it won’t be long(Christmas??) anyway there is a party tonight at five for the BBC crews at Pickles in Coral bay, they never stop working god bless them and I know WAPA has been extremely busy too, Merry Christmas to all!

  5. So glad to see this. We love Colin with Fly Away, Lori, Gwen and what I call “Beautiful Alice” and of course…. so many of the other people and restaurants.

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