Postcards from Love City

Postcards from Love City

Happy Tuesday!  It has been busy and beautiful down here this past week!  I cannot say enough how much we appreciate all of our visitors and their kind and careful consideration of the COVID mandates the Governor has in place. The towns and beaches are bustling with rosy cheeks and smiling faces and the majority of them have been masked up on the streets as per our government’s regulations.  This has allowed us to keep numbers down and remain OPEN and we thank you ALL for visiting!

The beauty of St. John and her surrounding waters has been breathtaking as of late.  For those of you who are here, I’m sure you can agree that the non-stop rainbows, consistent Caribbean breezes, the brightest of blues and striking sunsets have given a lot of reprieve from the day to day hustle and bustle.  For those of you who aren’t here, I wanted to take a moment today to share with you some of the recent beauty I have been fortunate enough to capture.  Enjoy the views and the rest of your Tuesday!

My parents were visiting last week so we took the liberty of taking them out on my boyfriend’s sailboat, Asante, to do some stay-cation things!  We started off their trip with a visit to the Lovango Resort and Beach Club for poolside cocktails and snacks and took a little tour of the island.  It was an incredible way to spend the afternoon and my mom checked one off her bucket list by spending the day in a poolside cabana 🙂

Postcards from Love City 1

Postcards from Love City 2

Later in the week, we sailed out to Caneel Bay and spent a leisurely lunch at ZoZo’s.  They are currently open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday only, but I highly encourage you to make a reservation and work that or dinner into your vacation plans.  The views, the food, the staff….All absolutely divine!

Postcards from Love City 3

The sunset views from the water absolutely never disappoint!  The “office views” on our sunset sails have been breathtaking recently!

Postcards from Love City 4

Postcards from Love City 5

Postcards from Love City 6

And, on the day of my parent’s departure from St. John, Mother Nature gave them a little farewell gift….

Postcards from Love City 7

I hope you all have enjoyed this little slice of the beauty of this place and that it makes you smile just a bit more throughout your day 🙂

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  1. Hello! Because of Covid and travel restrictions with our work, my husband and I had to pass on our yearly visit this year to St. John. I was surprised to see you mentioned Zoe Zoe’s at Caneel Bay, and when I went to their web site, I was blown away with what I saw! We were last on island March 2020 and from what I could gather, there wasn’t anything going on at Caneel (except for the water sports at Honeymoon). I thought Zoe Zoe’s was open at Lovango? Could you please enlighten us with what Zoe Zoe’s has done at Caneel? Thanks so much!

  2. Sooooooooooooo beautiful. Can’t wait for our trip in May, we’ve worked and waited long and hard for this.
    Those pics were amazing , wetting our appetite even more.
    Right now we have a couple of feet of snow with another 8″ expected in the next 48 hours !! Can we come now please !!

  3. We’ve also spent the day at Lovango Resort and enjoyed every minute of it. If you go by their ferry stay for dinner! We did and it was excellent with a front row sunset view not to be beat!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful reminders of our lovely trip in February. You and Teddy made it so special. St John views always bring a smile. And the pictures are just amazing!

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