Popular Eatery Closing in Cruz Bay

Popular Eatery Closing in Cruz Bay

Good Morning!  I’m afraid I have some not so great news to share with you today.  Many of you may have stopped by the popular deli on the third floor of the Marketplace for one of your favorite sandwiches or a beach breakfast to go.  I know that Sam and Jack’s Deli has always been super high on my own personal lunch list of priorities.  Today, I’m very sad to say that the pandemic and economic uncertainty of the past year and the foreseeable future has claimed a long standing favorite breakfast and lunch spot on St. John.

Sam and Jack’s Deli, a St. John lunch staple for the past decade, announced this morning in a Facebook post that they will permanently close their doors on the afternoon of Saturday, February 20.

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John Ferrigno, acclaimed owner of ZoZo’s Restaurant, opened the deli in 2011.  The business flourished over the past decade with multiple owners offering grab and go dinners, incredible sandwiches, breakfast, beverage and catering options.  The restaurant has always been a popular meeting spot for working lunches and coffee catch ups with friends.  Long time St. John resident, Allison Gould, took the plunge into running her own business after years of working in hospitality on island on January 1,2020.

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She purchased Sam & Jack’s just under two months prior to the territory’s first shut down.  The USVI would close its doors to tourism for a brief time in mid-March.  Nearly six weeks of actual business paired with multiple shut downs, capacity restrictions and rising overhead costs just wasn’t enough to keep the deli going under new ownership.

Allison wanted to extend a gracious THANK YOU to all of the patrons who have loyally supported the deli over the past tumultuous year.

“It has been a difficult year and was a difficult decision to make,” she told me.

She also wants to encourage any of you who are on island to stop by today, tomorrow or Saturday to pick up your favorite sandwich (or three!) and say a fond farewell to the popular eatery.  They will be open today through Saturday from 8AM-4PM.  I know I’ll be swinging by for an Uncle Peep!

I want to wish Allison all of the luck in her future endeavors on island.  She did an innovative job with the deli in her short time as owner and I’m sure we will continue to see great things from her here in Love City 🙂

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  1. We enjoyed sandwiches from Sam & Jacks in November! Great food and friendly service. So sad to hear the news of the Deli’s closing. Best of luck in the future. Stay healthy and safe!

    • Wow it’s my fav….always has been…I only get down to the islands once a year…I’m sad already. The best people and food on St John..

  2. Omg this is the saddest thing to read!! I have grown up coming to St. John and this is my favorite sandwich shop. I have a trip planned in April so just missing them 🙁 I will miss the homemade chips and Uncle Peep sandwich the most!

  3. No! Who will make my Sammy Hammy? This is truly a sad announcement. We grabbed lunch there twice and when we were down in December. When we went for our third it was closed per COVID. Will miss it.

    • The homemade chips ….glorious….the sandwiches… miraculous. My soul weeps as I read this story. Wishes for success and happiness, no matter what endeavor you pursue.

  4. I am so sad! This is our favorite place for lunch when we are on island. Always went by to pick up something to take to the beach. I will miss the wonderful (and oversized) sandwiches and those fabulous homemade chips!

  5. Oh, how sad! LOVE Sam & Jack’s! No more Uncle Peep’s sandwich, no more amazing potato chips. Always a place we frequented on our yearly trips to STJ. North Shore is great but not the same. Going to miss it a lot.

  6. Oh no….this is the place my husband & I stop by when we arrive on every vacation.
    We luv their sandwiches and especially the take out meals like the spaghetti with Mama’s meatballs and marinara sauce.
    Sad to hear of their closing and that we aren’t there now to enjoy one last visit.
    Thank you for everything in the past and best wishes on your future endeavors which I am sure will also be amazing and successful.

  7. We have visited St John many times over the years. We were there for 10 days in November and finally decided to eat at Sam and Jacks on day 3. We were not disappointed and went back several times. Awesome food.

  8. We just discovered Sam & Jack’s during our last visit to Cruz Bay last March and April. It was a lovely place to eat and drink before heading back to our apartment with groceries. Very sorry to hear this but we’re sure you’ll turn up somewhere in another successful venture involving good food and service.

  9. I am very sorry to hear about the closing of the deli. I loved the sandwiches and friendly staff. The food was always delicious.

  10. Sadden by this news indeed. Best sandwich spot on STJ. Definitely will miss the smiling the smiling faces, the pineapple mimosas and of course the Sammy Hammy (add the bacon)!
    Best wishes!

  11. Sadden by this news indeed. Best sandwich spot on STJ. Definitely will miss the smiling smiling faces, the pineapple mimosas and of course the Sammy Hammy (add the bacon)!
    Best wishes!

  12. So sad! We are coming in March and I already told my group of 24 that this is the best place to go for deli subs and we ordered a pan of lasagna and yummy salads….. I’m so sorry things have been so tough. Praying for you guys.

  13. This is such sad news. We would order sandwiches and chips and take them to the beach. So so good… Sending you good wishes and prosperity .

  14. We’re sorry to hear that Sam’s & Jack’s are closing. It was one of our favorite places to eat. The food and service were outstanding. Everybody was always pleasant and friendly. We hope it doesn’t stay closed for long.

  15. Awesome food and sorry they had to close their doors. So sad when someone dreams don’t work out. I’m sure this has been answered before, but what happened to Samantha and Erik?

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