Pond Bay Finally Sells

pond bay april 1 2015Rumor’s been swirling on island that Pond Bay has sold. We’ve reached out to several people in the know who’ve confirmed it; however all have said little details are being released. Here’s what we know…

Pond Bay went up for auction nearly a year ago after sitting vacant for years. For those of you unfamiliar with Pond Bay, it’s a 15+ acre development located on the shore of Chocolate Hole. The development currently consists of 26 partially completed units. At the time of the auction, we were told that the project was being sold with “major entitlements in place including a Coastal Zone Management permit, as well as the original site plans.”

From what we hear, the new owner is a man named Dan Lowe. Mr. Lowe is the owner of Legacy Development. He is also a part-time St. John resident. Here’s a bit about his company:

LEGACY Development is celebrating 20 years with the same unwavering goal of creating world-class retail and mixed-use developments. Since 1995 the team at LEGACY has had a hand in creating more than 50 projects with over 31 million square feet of commercial space across 14 states. Today, the company continues to deliver properties that provide a unique customer experience and add value for owners, tenants and the community alike. LEGACY Development focuses on value add acquisitions, ground up development and suburban and infill redevelopment opportunities.

Back in 2014, Mr. Lowe gave an interview and mentioned some work he was doing in the Virgin Islands. Here’s what he said:

In the beginning of 2013, I moved my family to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands for six months. It was during that stay that we realized what kind of opportunity existed in our business, so we opened an office down there. It’s been lots of fun. There are some really interesting benefits that come from having an office down there and establishing residency, so we’re taking advantage of that. We plan to spend at least 6 months of the year down there.

…There are not a lot of people that have attempted development in the Virgin Islands, and we’re beginning to find out why. There are massive challenges we just learned about over the weekend. We had figured that you could import goods into US VI  the same way you can import goods into Puerto Rico. Well Puerto Rico has standardized customs, so if The Gap sends a bunch of clothes to Puerto Rico, it says “t-shirts, jeans,” whatever. But if you are shipping into USVI, you not only have to state what it is you’re shipping, but you have to define the materials. “65% cotton, 10% polyester” – for everything. It makes customs hugely cumbersome. It took Kmart three years to figure out their customs deal! But we are going to change the customs laws in USVI and I’m certain we’ll get it done because there’s enough interest from USVI to get retailers down there. It’ll happen – this is just another roadblock. It’s a blast working on problems like that.


Unfortunately, that’s all I have for you on this one. If anyone knows anything else, please feel free to chime in.

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  1. The place should have been leveled, and turned into a dog park. The original owners didn’t care that they were going to block the view to a entire neighborhood. Oh well. $$$ talks.

  2. Legacy Development develops & manages quality retail projects in the Kansas City area, one within a mile of our home, and elsewhere in the midwest, but Pond Bay will be a big challenge for Dan Lowe. Hope he has some strong equity backers. We used to rent above Chocolate Hole, but now enjoy the quiet Coral Bay end of STJ on our annual visits.

  3. I don’t want people trying to bring “development” to St. John. The island’s charm is its local flavor & peaceful atmosphere. The last thing Cruz Bay needs is retail & restaurant chains & more of those huge, gosh-awful condo developments.

  4. Sad to see it is going to be developed. If it is developed into anything other than a boutique hotel it will be a shame. We have rented a villa on Chocolate hole for the last three years and have already said we would not rent again if there is construction being done, or worse in a few years if there are hundreds of people on the beach and in the bay.

    • Dan Lowe makes St John a better place in every way . Everybody who knows a friend of a friend who once met Dan will rave to you about the content of his character. He makes you want to be a better person. The uninformed venting on this blog should make an effort to meet him . The best part of St John is the kind , friendly people who choose to live here , and he represents the very best part of us.

      His liver transplants were due to an illness in his teens , not drinking , and were performed consecutively on a single hospital stay . His survival was a miracle for the transplant program , and was accomplished because his wifes refused to let the doctors give up hope . It is a wonderful story of hope, family , prayer and the nobility of transplant programs .

      He has given back so much to so many transplant programs . He would give a kidney to the child of his critics above without hesitation .

      His friendship has improved many lives in the Virgin Islands . Find a single person who knows Dan and is critical of him and I will delete this post .

  5. A channel has been cut from the pond into Chocolate hole. Slowly, the entire bay is turning a disgusting greenish yellow, from the filth that is in the pond. Visibility for snorkeling is getting worse and worse by the day.

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