St. John police: SUVs and Segways?


It's tough to walk past the Cruz Bay police station and not shake your head in disbelief at the fleet of vehicles on display.  Looks more like a new car dealership than a law enforcement facility.  Well, a woman named Millin Maduro might agree.

She is the commissioner of Department of Property and Procurement.  Maduro told the St. John Source she intends to reduce the number of government vehicles. At last count, the branches under her 'control' owned 1,622 vehicles, most of them sedans and SUVs.  "There's a a lot of vehicles that aren't necessary," she told the Source, and her goal is to reduce the number by 20%. The savings in gasoline costs will be significant, she said.  But, perhaps more important, her department may be better able to manage the vehicles and their deployment on government business.

So, while it appears St. John has a fine fleet of police cars, imagine folks' surprise when, near Nature's and the Creek, a couple of Segway-mounted officers cruised down the street.  The rollers go for about $6,000 each.  

The picture below was taken by Tom Larson, AKA the Barefoot Cowboy. (His eatery is in the Lumberyard and serves up a mighty fine experience. The Cowboy's Facebook page is here.)

"Seriously," added blogger No See Um. "When will the ever-growing pile of VIPD's moving vehicles and other moving things end? This is ridiculous."


7 thoughts on “St. John police: SUVs and Segways?”

  1. And they were having a ball on them too! We saw them playing on them and I think it must have been their first ride when we saw them. They can probably afford them from seat belt tickets alone. (however,not one police officer we saw was wearing THEIR seat belt) Just sayin’ !!!!!

  2. The photo was not taken by no see um, it was taken by me (Tom Larson) at from the Barefoot Cowboy Bar. No See Um took this off my Facebook page.

  3. Cruz Bay is a very small area…why are the police not on foot patrol? They drive around with their windows closed, air conditioning on while talking on their cellphones(which no one else is permitted to do). It is impossible to hear the sounds of trouble brewing under those conditions. At least on foot patrol they would be engaged with folks in town, be able to assist visitors and be privey to what is happening around them. Also, in the interest of a healthy police force, the walk would do many of their hearts good!

  4. LOL, what police force? Never seen one doing their job on any of the USVIs. Even saw them sitting in cars, eating lunch, while a dope deal went down in a St Thomas parking lot. It seems to be a perk job,good for this lady trying to make a change. And by the way, they are always above the law they are supposed to enforce.

  5. 1622 government vehicles! For a permanent population of 100k… are you sure that’s not a misprint. Seems like the reduction should be 50% not 20%.

  6. It’s WAY more than 1622. Not included in that figure are the Exec’s staff and vehicles or the Legislature’s vehicle fleet nor the wheels assigned to the Court system including the Marshal’s buggies. I don’t think you’d be far off doubling the number. The corruption, nepotism and cronyism will never cease in the V.I. Try calling the STJ PD for a “little help.” “You must come to the PD and fill out a complaint.”

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