Plenty on the menu at La Plancha del Mar

Plancha_2Jason Howard, is a happy man.  The restaurant he and his partners, Jonathon Fritz and Mike Prout, have been building for the past several weeks, is open.  Finally.  And first reports are that La Plancha del Mar is good. 

Real good.

La Plancha is on the second floor of the Marketplace, down a long hallway, where China Shack used to be. 

What they’ve done with the space, and the kitchen, is amazing.  China Shack seemed to me to be small, but Jason and Jonathon have figured a way to add table seating for lunch and dinner, install a bar, and still find room for a kitchen which features garlic tiger prawns, lump crab croquets, yellow fin tuna, and paella.

peeked in Wednesday night at La Plancha’s “soft opening” and exclaimed, “The bar is SOOO COOL! They put sea urchin shells lit up under a huge layer of epoxy. It looks very cool.”

StJohnTalk.com’s Matt was there for the first seating and loved it.  4 1/2 out of 5 stars. Read the review at http://www.stjohntalk.com/blog/?p=918

6 thoughts on “Plenty on the menu at La Plancha del Mar”

  1. I am always excited for a new dining option in St John. Rick and I will look forward to our annual visit in March and checking it out!

  2. My wife and I went there for supper last night. Their 2nd night at being open. We ordered and shared 5 small plates (as opposed to 1 large plate a piece)and a desert. It was amazing. We provided feedback and if necessary constructive criticism on each dish directly to Jason. Prices are StJ reasonable. We’ll be back!

  3. I went in last night and it was fantastic! The food was excellent. Service was great. These three guys have a great dynamic and I think they will do very well. I highly recommend it! Their menu will be making regular changes, and that is a huge plus for us locals!

  4. I went in on Friday night with 2 friends and we sat at the bar, which was beautiful. We shared 3 small plates and one large plate and Jonathan took great care of us. The food was excellent, wine offerings were varied and well chosen, and we had a great time. We’ll definitely be back.

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