Pledge week at the Gym

An effort by the owner of Gym in Paradise to reopen his doors has drawn a rant from Gerald Singer, a longtime island resident and author of several St. John guide books.

The owner of the gym, Mark Dallas, took out an ad in the Tradewinds, suggesting that if 100 people prepaid a year’s membership ($780),  the gym could reopen.  It’s all a matter of cash flow, Dallas indicated.  He’s personally unable to put more money into the business, he said.

“How stupid does he think we are?,” Singer wrote.  He pointed out that just recently, the Gym was promoting a discounted three-month membership for $120.  “Then, (he) closed the doors to the gym and kept the money.”

The skeptical Singer is urging anyone who signed up to file a complaint in Small Claims Court on the third floor of the Boulon Center.

Gym Website: http://www.gyminparadise.com/aboutus.html

10 thoughts on “Pledge week at the Gym”

  1. Gee, next thing you know he’s going to “raffle” it off and then claim the minimum raffle tickets weren’t sold so there is no winner and not pay back the money. Hopefully people will have learned their lesson from that liquor store guy and not fall for this scam also.
    As Gordon Gecko said “A fool and his money are lucky to get together in the first place.”

  2. RichB,
    You mean the story where the owner of Mixology was having an essay contest or something like that? The winner would get the business/

  3. Yes, there is a stripper bar – called “in deh spot” or something like that – its down the road from the lumber yard in the old mixology space. Or at least it was in november.
    And Rosi – yes, that one. He skated with the cash by all accounts.

  4. And Rosi – yes, that one. He skated with the cash by all accounts.
    WOW!!! I am really lost on this one.
    I thought people submitted essays and won the business. They paid the guy too? He made away with the person’s $$$? WOW!!! Bad karma will follow him all over.
    This is sad if that is what happened.

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