Please Vote for Your Favorite Pic!

So on Thursday we asked all of you to show us how you incorporate a bit of St. John into your everyday lives. As you may recall, the winner will receive a gorgeous bracelet from Vibe Collection. We got a ton of great pics and some great pics of you all enjoying life here on St. John. Thank you to everyone who entered. Here are the finalists in no particular order…

Entry 1

claire mele

Entry 2

Dawn Umberger-Fourtunia

Entry 3

Eela Bollini Muzzarelli at vegas checney concert

Entry 4

lisa ivey 2

Entry 5

neil harvey

Entry 6

wendi hale

Entry 7

chris moffitt

Entry 8

Dawn Carlson Janssen

Entry 9

Denise Hankinson Gould

Entry 10

Heather Spinney Staples

Entry 11

jill johnson

Entry 12

Kathie Swanson

Entry 13

Kristina Milosh joes beach bar

Entry 14

Lisa Ivey

Entry 15

melissa marram

Entry 16

Melissa Oliver

Entry 17

Melissa Rea Casteel

Entry 18

Nicole Meyer

Entry 19

Ruth Turner

Entry 20

Scott-Bernie Osborn

Entry 21

Sharon Rentel Goodwin (1)

Entry 22

Sharon Rentel Goodwin

Entry 23

Stephanie Dowell

Entry 24

Susan Chaffin

Entry 25

Thomas Moskos

Entry 26

amber mayo

Entry 27

anna mahoney

Entry 28

dawn jasinski

Entry 29

don dunbar

Entry 30

jen wood

Entry 31

jessica santiago

Entry 32

kelly sturm

Entry 33

lora deckert

Entry 34

margie harrison 2

Entry 35

margie harrison 3

Entry 36

margie harrison

Entry 37

meredith brtooke

Entry 38

michael hayes

Entry 39

Nancy Anderson 1

Entry 40

Nancy Anderson 2

Entry 41

pam ayer

Entry 42

sandra klose

Entry 43

shellie ross

Entry 44

barbara richard

Entry 45

bonnlynn wood

Entry 46

Carla Paton

Entry 47

cindy isabelle

Entry 48

dale jaster

Entry 49

darleen dasilva

Entry 50

Jacqueline MacCammon

Entry 51

james michael hayes

Entry 52

james rogers

Entry 53

Jill anderson 1

Entry 54

jill anderson 2

Entry 55

susan smith

Entry 56

tammy fuller

Now it’s time to vote for your favorite! You can vote as many times as you’d like. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on April 3rd. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Please Vote for Your Favorite Pic!”

  1. It appears to me that some votes are controlled automatically by a macro or bot. To have 5000+ votes seems very unrealistic. The level people stoop to for a fun St. John photo contest. Wish it could have been done on the merits of the pictures themself and not who has computer knowledge. I could run a script on my computer to get 5000 votes every hour. I’m just not that like that. Enjoy your bracelet.

    • I 100% agree with this. I don’t know what the final results were, but I t got really annoying to see some people have more than 28% of the total votes. One thing that could’ve been done would be to put all pics in a fb album…this would allow us to only “like” our pic one time and try to get others to like our pic as well. That seems more reasonable. I was totally thinking how some people could easily set up a “bot” of some sort to vote for them. There is no way someone sat and voted for them self 5,000 times.

      • I can assure you that there was not a “bot” voting as you’ve suggested. I can see the exact ip address of each voter and can link that to a city and town. We simply had some people that took a lot of time out of their lives to vote. No foul play here.

  2. To the owner of entry #12: where did you get the typography wall art of St. John? Would love to have one for our home! thanks

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