Please, Kenny?

Fran Davidson, a member of the Save Maho Bay Facebook group added this post to Kenny Chesney's Facebook page.

"Dear Kenny,

"We need your help on STJ. Maho camp ground to be removed for HUGE HOTEL. SAVE OUR CAMPGROUND. WE LOVE MAHO. CAN YOU DO A CONCERT???? PLZ.

14 thoughts on “Please, Kenny?”

  1. St John needs a real A List 2011 celebrity, and fast. Can’t we get somebody from Hollywood or New York interested here?

  2. I think an eco hotel that keeps the same footprint is more appealing than the current campground. But only if it keeps nature 90% the way it is.

  3. Yeah right. Like Kenny or anyone else famous gives a crap about anyone but themselves….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Does Sir Richard still have all his contacts with Virgin? Heck he could do a big show and Kenny as well………would be nice

  5. Kenny does do alot for charity and yes, he could do something to help save Maho…I don’t think he’s like all other celebs…He tries to keep to himself & I applaud him for that. Maybe he has helped STJ on other things we don’t know of. If there was someone I could work w/to help save Maho from a Big Development I’d be asking how. It would be nice to see an echo resort similar to the one built: Star Island Resort (I think the name is) in the Bahamas…if anything. They care for the environment. Is that something he’s interested in? Probably not, but, I hope the island of STJ can stop any large developing…In the past 15yrs I’ve been visiting, how things have changed, it’s a shame~ But, that’s progress & the people of STJ agree to it. Nothing (at least I don’t think) tourists can do about it.

  6. Yeh, big money~
    Isn’t there something like Land Trustees that can do something? I’m clueless on all that gov’t lingo, but, is there somehow it can become part of the National Park & keep the Camps going?

  7. I can see this is a passionate subject. I agree, no concert is going to raise 20 million. I do wish the camp well and do not want to see it developed into a resort of any kind. It’s perfect as is. If Kenny does decide to through a concert somewhere, even STJ to help save Maho, I’ll sure try and be there.

  8. Just my opinion, but I think what is going to “save Maho” is the market, or more precisely, lack thereof. Developers make money by not using their own – they borrow from banks, and no way are banks lending for big condo/hotels in the Caribbean these days, with everything else going on in the continuing global meltdown. Maybe a small boutique hotel, which might not be so bad if executed sensitively, but those development costs per room given the asking price for the land would be astronomical. I predict the property will continue to sit in limbo for the foreseeable future. Hope I’m right.

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