Plans for Coral Bay eco-resort, new park



Site plan for eco-resort in Coral Bay

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources is reviewing comments about a proposed “destination camp site” project in the valley where the Coral Bay Garden Center is now located.


A public hearing on the proposal by Hugo Roller has been held but, according to the Coral Bay Community Organization, the session was not well publicized or well attended.

The Coral Bay citizens group says DPNR’s current guidelines would allow the 11-acres to have as many as 55 “camping units,” 21 of which could be permanent structures.

The Council is also on track to develop a “pocket park” for Coral Bay.  It would be located where Kings Hill Road intersects Route 107, across from the dumpsters.

CBCC will convene a meeting Thursday at the park site to get locals’ input on ideas including seating in the park, play equipment for kids, a dominoes table, and a fruit orchard.

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