Pictures: One Year Later

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Thank you all for the kind messages posted yesterday. You’re all certainly keeping the love in Love City!!

Dalton and I, plus my good friend Lindsay, took a cruise around the island Thursday to take some pics for all of you. As always, none of the images have been edited in any way. It’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come in a year. I think you’re really going to enjoy them. 🙂

cruz bay overlook september 2018
Cruz Bay overlook
national park sign september 2018
North Shore Road
caneel overlook september 2018
Caneel Bay overlook
hawksnest september 2018
trunk bay overlook september 2018
Trunk Bay overlook
cinnamon bay house september 2018
Cinnamon Bay
Maho Bay overlook
Maho Bay overlook
maho francis bays september 2018
Maho and Francis bays
leinster bay september 2018
Leinster Bay
coral bay overlook september 2018
Coral Bay overlook
coral bay sign september 2018
The new Coral Bay sign
coral bay harbor september 2018
Coral Bay harbor
salt pond september 2018
Salt Pond
ram head september 2018
Ram Head
Cruz Bay overlook sunset
Cruz Bay overlook sunset
Great Cruz Bay sunset
Great Cruz Bay sunset

24 thoughts on “Pictures: One Year Later”

  1. Hi Jenn. Has anyone addressed the issue of zero cell phone service towers/reception from Freemans ground Calabash, Zimmerman Hard labour to Concordia? This subject amazes many residents and visitours that in this day and age including all the funding for the Hurricanes that is being granted to the VI there is no cell services and never has been! It is a major safety issue for all. Thank you.

  2. How is the retrieval of boats going? We wanted to snorkel Waterlemon when we were there in July but chose to go elsewhere because of the boats still in the sand over in Leinster. The island looks beautiful as always. What a difference a year makes. We will be back in December.

  3. Thanks so much, Jenn. Everything looks great although that photo taken at Cinnamon … that situation breaks my heart. Can’t wait to come back!!

  4. 20 weeks from today we will be back to this island that we have fallen in love with. A year ago we were filled with grief for the wonderful people (and donkeys!) of St John – each picture and story that I read would bring me to tears. I can not believe the difference in a year. Jenn, thank you so much for keeping all of us stateside (but wishing we were on island) updated with the great progress!

  5. Looks beautiful as always. What amazing things that happened in 1 year. Looking forward to being at Villa Adeste in Coral Bay mid March. Cheers

  6. Good morning, Jenn. The photos are lovely. Trunk Bay and the sunsets are my favorites. Undoubtedly it has been a very long year for you and everyone on island. These photos continue to be a reminder of all the rebirth and progress that continues to be made. Thank you for sharing these with those of us back here in the States.

  7. Our slice of heaven is gorgeous! We can’t wait to see the changes from our last visit in February. Life is always good with our island friends.

  8. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I have to tell you I’ve been crying ever since I started reading it, because you are the one who has been here for us ever since the start. You were our lifeline who kept us informed, who shared all the photos and videos and constant updates, and for that, I’m eternally grateful. I cannot imagine what all you’ve been through, and I’m so happy you have your beautiful little boy as one of the bright spots in your life. All I know is that you have been a bright spot to so many of us, with every little bit of encouragement when we felt so helpless, because we weren’t able to be there to help physically. You’re correct in the fact that so many familiar faces that we always looked forward to seeing are now gone, but new friends will emerge. The wonderful connections being developed through all the Irmaria FB pages that were born from this horrific event, have been so comforting to find other like minded people who share a common love of St. John. I look forward to meeting so many new St. John FB friends that I never would have been in contact with had it not been for all this. Jenn, I cannot thank you enough for all you have sacrificed for us, to keep us updated and informed, and to help encourage us to remain optimistic and see all the beauty that has come from the ashes. Even though we’ve been coming to St. John since 1992, and now have a part time home here, we want to do an island tour with you when we come down next month or in February when we return once again. Thank you once again, and God Bless you!!

  9. I ditto Nancy Anderson. Thank you sooo much for keeping us informed about our little piece of heaven. St John is such a beautiful island with beautiful people. We will be back soon. I hope to meet you.

  10. Jen, how come when I look at the Beach Bars web cam the only thing I see is the garbage bin moving!
    I’m hoping all will be done when I get there in November. Especially Joes! And yes I do watch it every day! Everyone is soo glad your back there keeping all of us up to date.

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