Paving over paradise?

And put up a parking lot?

It is a parking lot that's being built at the Enighed Pond commercial port, aka the car barge dock.

These pictures from Bob Schlesinger of TropicalFocus photography show the work well underway.

Ground was broken last month. Completion of the $900,000 project is hoped for by early March.  Financed by a VI government bond issue, the lot will have in 151 parking spaces.  Hopefully.  At least one island resident is concerned it will be only a matter of days before some of the spaces are given over to vendors or food trucks or whatever, as has occured at Cruz Bay's public lot across from the Post Office.

One big issue is the stability of the resulting lot.  It's being built on top of very soft ground fill, material that was dredged from Enighed to make the port accessible for large ships.  When contractors agree the land is stable enough, they'll do the paving.  However, there are concerns that there will be settling of the land which may require later leveling and smoothing.

7 thoughts on “Paving over paradise?”

  1. At least one island residents fear it will only be a matter of days before some of the spaces are given to suppliers or food trucks or other, arising from Cruz Bay public lot across from the Post.

  2. At least one of the inhabitants of the island is concerned, is only a few days before, some facilities will receive more than sellers of food or truck or anything else, as happened in many public Cruz Bay in front of the post office.

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