Patrick’s future debated


A majority of responses to Patrick Joseph being ordered to close his "mobile" food stand business at the Cruz Bay parking lot are supportive of the local entrepreneur.  But a knee-jerk analysis of comments suggests non-residents are more sympathetic than and locals.

"The beauty of St. John is not only in the beaches and pristine water but the local St. John People and culture," said Mike.  "It is unfortunate that the rich are overtaking the island saying it is their paradise.  Leave Patrick alone."

An island business person, Lonnie, complained, however, that she heard "no one shouting to let the St. John Car Rental stay when we had been on Port Authority land for over 24 years and were told to leave."  She continued, "I don’t think this argument should have been over whether he is an eyesore or not.  he does not have a lease and when the PA tells you to leave, you leave."

Should Patrick stay or go?  Comment below.

Another defender of Patrick, offered not to drive downtown.  "Dockside Pub was considered an eyesore, too," said Gary. "That too was part of St.John and is now gone forever. If the parking is the issue, I would rather walk to town than have Patrick kicked out. There, I just freed up one of the spaces for him."

4 thoughts on “Patrick’s future debated”

  1. I think that Patrick’s should stay. No, I do not live on the island of St. John, but vacation there every year and would hate to see yet another piece of the Island’s culture taken away. As it is when I get to the Ferry Dock I don’t see the neat little island I once did with those huge ugly buildings that someone built taking over the downtown.
    Thank you!

  2. Patrick’s should stay at least until the government starts enforcing the laws equally on “eveyone”. Seems unfair to be asking Patrick to go, while at the same time the Port Authority gives the commercial building down by the Warf 2 free parking spots. St john is in need of a town planner to make sure we all get equal access and the property infrastructure required, so that we don’t loosing the uniqueness that is St John.

  3. I have a great idea! Why don’t the landlords at the new building by the ferry dock give Patrick’s a space rent-free in their building in exchange for their US Customs lot parking spaces! I’d sure rather see Patrick’s as I arrive on island than a bunch of boring jewelry stores and real estate offices!

  4. One wonders who’s forcing Patrick’s out? I’m sure money is the primary factor but “aesthetics” and “eye-catching businesses” for the tourits off the ferry are the bigger reasons. We come to St. John every year for the local flavor and Patrick’s is all the flavor we want!

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