Passport to the World



Owning at Grande Bay Resort gives you more than a place to call home on St. John. 

It now comes with rights to share other residences around the world through a new affiliation with International Vacation Exchange Network and its links to 2,600 resorts in  75 nations.

“Our members can use their St. John membership to travel the world,” said John Alvarado, Director of Sales. Click for details.

1 thought on “Passport to the World”

  1. Due your due diligence – this is a timeshare no matter what it is termed. Any trade through II would be a trade downwards from GBR. Also, you should know that resale villas at the Westin St John can be had for as little as 10% of what the original owners paid.
    Google: TUG Starwood Forum for discussions with Owners real experiences and advice – then make up your mind.

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