Passenger ferries to charge for baggage

If you checked it on the airplane, chances are you’re going to pay $2 a bag when you take it on the ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay. 

The Public Service Commission approved requests to collect handling fees from Varlack Ventures and Transportation Services. "Baggage equals extra weight, which equals fuel," said Claudette Ferron, counsel for Transportation Services. 

A manager for the company pointed out that on a recent weekend, 380 pieces of luggage and cargo were on board one ferry.  The companies had previously been authorized to charge baggage fees, but had not done so.  "It is the law, and it is in the rules and regulations," said Yvette Canegata-Jones, a PSC member..  "They are asking us to take advantage of the law.

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  1. What about carry-on items such as shopping bags / boxes and other large purchases brought over from St Thomas by St. John residents?
    Just for visitors or everyone ? The ferry is a life line for many to bring items back and forth. Who will decide on this?
    Not sure thats its gonna be fair to all , but will wait to see.

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