Party on Cruz Bay Beach Tomorrow!

cruz bay beach

For those of you who’ve been missing Joe’s Rum Hut and The Beach Bar, you’re going to get a little taste of both tomorrow afternoon on Cruz Bay beach.

As many of you know, both bars have been closed since Hurricane Irma due to extensive damage at Wharfside Village. Well tomorrow, the two bars are teaming up to host Boatacon – an on the water party of sorts.

Boatacon is a group of about a dozen boats from St. Thomas who do a little bar hopping each Christmas. They’re typically dressed in their Christmas best, so it’s a great sight to see. They’re planning to hit a few places including Water Island over in St. Thomas, and have decided to keep tradition this year by including Cruz Bay beach as their last stop.

The party starts at 1 p.m. but the boaters aren’t expected to arrive until after 2 p.m. Both the Rum Hut and Beach Bar will be selling drinks, so it should be a good time. So grab a lineman or your favorite relief worker and bring them down to the beach tomorrow afternoon!

(Wharfside itself remains closed, however they will open the bathrooms for this event. The party is happening on the sand in front of The Beach Bar.)

I hope to see you all there!

14 thoughts on “Party on Cruz Bay Beach Tomorrow!”

  1. Hey Jenn. Thanks so much for all of your updates!! Any word at all about when Joe’s and the Beach Bar might be able to reopen? We are returning in April, so we will keep our fingers crossed.

  2. Santacon In boats, with bushwackers…Merry Christmas. A wonderful time filled with thanks to all who have participated in the continuing and amazing recovery of St. John.

  3. wish I were there!!! Please tell beach bar to turn on their webcam (and update to live like soggy), adjust the position of their sunset cam, and tell Joe Rum to invest in one. I hope to be watching. thanks

    • It’s impossible to have the web cams on when there is no internet and no power on at the Beach Bar or anywhere at Wharfside. They are doing everything possible to get things up and running.

        • Yes that is true Cruz Bay has power but Wharfside isn’t using much for safety reasons. We live there at least half of the year with a place in Cruz Bay. We left the day before the storm and came back for the first time a few weeks ago. We were so happy and actually shocked at how great most things look. We were fortunate that our place faired better than most. After talking to our friends, which are many natives, please understand what these wonderful people have gone thru, they need zero negativity.

  4. Hi Jenn
    We have been coming to St John for 10 years. It is our happy place. Our hearts ache for your community after this disaster. All we wanted to do was find a way to help. So we figured we would book a trip and bring our dollars back to St John and find something we can do to help while we are there. We will be there end of May.
    We wanted to Thank you for your posts. Being able to follow you and St John throughout this tragedy has helped us stay connected. You have been giving us so much hope. We would love to meet you in person during our visit to thank you in person.
    Please keep posting.

  5. The Renys ,St John Visitors for almost 30 years, will be there from January 11th through March 21st with family and friends through out the stay.
    Can`t wait!!!!

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