Partial Eclipse is a Bust

Image courtesy of Cheryl Geller, co-owner of The Tourist Trap
Image courtesy of Cheryl Geller of The Tourist Trap

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, so we do not have any photos of the partial eclipse to share with you this morning.

We had asked our friend Cheryl Geller over at The Tourist Trap to capture this unique event for us, but the cloud cover made it impossible to even catch a glimpse of the sun. For those of you who are not familiar with Cheryl, she is the queen of St. John sunrise photos. She and her rooster Buster take them nearly every morning. (Click here to visit Buster’s Facebook page where you can view the images.)

Here’s a picture of Buster this morning looking pretty unhappy about the weather:

Buster Keaton Geller Rooster Extraordinaire
Buster Keaton-Geller, St. John Rooster Extraordinaire – Image courtesy of Cheryl Geller

Looks like he’s about ready to fly the coop and find a place with sunnier, drier weather:

Buster's ready to fly the coop!
Buster’s ready to fly the coop!

So what exactly do you do when it’s raining for a good stretch like it is now? Well, you can head on over to Mongoose Junction, Wharfside Village or Coral Bay and check out the great shops and restaurants. Or perhaps you can have a villa gravity day where you simply stay home and relax.

Here’s a mobile movie that our friend Captain John over at Palm Tree Charters made in September during another bout of wet weather.  It shows how the locals like to pass the time. Check it out:


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