Parking Problems at Cruz Bay Lot

police car at no parking sign

We know, we know – parking is always an issue in Cruz Bay. It’s bad enough that a ton of parking spaces are no longer available at the US Custom’s parking lot, but the police are now ticketing over at the Enighed Pond parking lot. Not cool.

At some point in recent days or even perhaps in recent weeks, a new sign popped up over at the Enighed Pond lot. It looks part official and part craft project. It says “No Parking” with what appears to be a spray painted arrow pointing to the left. Here’s a close up:

no parking close up

No parking Enighed

We’re not really sure why this sign was posted other than to give the police prime parking at the lot. But what we do know is that the police have been actively enforcing it all week.

A News of St. John reader received this lovely little ticket on Tuesday:

ticket up close

And they were back out enforcing the sign again Thursday afternoon:

jeep parking ticketA word to the wise folks – beware of handpainted government signs. Your wallet will thank you.

11 thoughts on “Parking Problems at Cruz Bay Lot”

  1. It would be pretty cool if they would investigate murders as passionately as they give out these important parking tickets. JS’n

  2. There is only one sign with an arrow. Does that mean from the sign clear to the end of the parking lot in that direction?

    I don’t have a problem if the police need extra space. But they should hand paint some government signs in front of a few spaces indicating “for official police use only”. That is a clear instruction people can follow.

    As it appears now, the vehicles in the photo next to the police unit could theoretically be ticketed as there is no clear boundary limit. And if they are needing to generate some revenue that day…..

  3. There are two signs, problem is, that white van you see in the picture is parked right in front of the other sign. I parked in this area one day (thought I was lucky!) and came back to a warning on my car. I had to go back the next day, when it was light, to see where the signs were. Hopefully they will paint the parking bumpers and put a some more visible signage to make it clear that it’s restricted parking.

  4. Definitely not cool. We visit there every year and back in the eighties and nineties parking was much easier. We live in New Orleans, and they do the same thing in the French Quarter, they want and need business from tourists, but the parking laws are not tourist friendly at all, same in St J…

  5. So is the space between the signs for Police parking only, officially? Or is it no parking, period? If it’s the latter, why? That looks to be about 8-10 spaces that are sorely needed.

    • Hey Mako,

      So I went over and counted and it’s about 10 spaces that are in between the two signs. There is nothing that says police only but there are several police vehicles over there.

  6. So…where do tourists park now if they want to walk into Cruz Bay? In the past I have always parked there….Is that entire area restricted now or just some of the spots?

  7. Same old, same old…just one of the many reasons I no-longer live on the island or visit the USVIs. So many other place, in the Caribbean, without the constant corruption and crap…

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