Parking in Cruz Bay Just Got a Tad Pricier

wharfside parking lot

I was walking through Cruz Bay last night after enjoying a nice glass of wine at Ocean 362 when I noticed that the parking rates at Wharfside had gone up. Now instead of paying $3 an hour, we’re all going to have to pay $4. Boo to that.

wharfside new rate sign

wharfside rates

Who remembers when parking at Wharfside was free? Well that all changed in April 2013 when management started charging folks $3 an hour. The reason, they stated at the time, was because parking was being used by people who weren’t shopping or dining in Wharfside Village. Understandable.

The good thing is that there are other options in terms of parking – both paid lots and unpaid – in Cruz Bay. For those of you who want to park close to Wharfside, you can also park at Slim’s lot, which is right across the street. There is another paid lot up the street a bit, past La Tapa and next to Extra Virgin Bistro. (I apologize, I didn’t grab the rates for that lot.)

slims parking

slims rates

For those of you who prefer not to pay and don’t mind walking a bit further, you can park at the BMV lot (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) which is just past the roundabout and next to the tennis courts. If that lot is full, you can park a bit further at the gravel lot, which is next to the car barge.

There are two additional small lots closer to Mongoose Junction. The smaller of the two is located next to the creek and the National Park Visitor’s Center, across the street from Margarita Phil’s. The second lot is across the street from where the BVI ferries pull in, right next to Nature’s Nook.

And on a total side note, here’s a pic I took at Ocean 362 last night … it’s too pretty not to share.

ocean 362 wine pic



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  1. It would be nice if Wharfside business owners would validate parking there and you wouldn’t have to pay anything. That’s how it works in some places.

  2. The large parking lot behind the former Firstbank is now being turned into paid parking – the pay booth is under construction. Don’t know about prices though.

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