Park Rangers ticketing at Maho Bay

Park Service Rangers are putting tickets on vehicles parked along the road at Maho Bay Beach, according to the St. John Source.  In the past, it was possible for a number of cars to pull off the side of the road and straddle the asphalt and the shoulder.  But with the island’s winter season in full heat, parking’s becoming tough everywhere.  "You can’t find a place to park anywhere in town," said Gale Spring, a Floridian.

Chief Ranger Mark Marschall told the Source parking enforcement is "not anything new," and that previously people got warnings.  Now it’s tickets.  The Ranger said it’s understandable if people are surprised by fines, since "We’re trying to avoid having signs."  He said parked vehicles can cause damage to trees and brush.  Marschall suggested people take a taxi to Maho Bay instead of driving and trying to find a parking space.

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