Park plans new trail, camping grounds

The Superintendent of the Virgin Islands National Park revealed plans for a New North Shore Road hiking trail and what he called "back country camping facilities" during a State of the Park address last weekend. 

Art Frederick also told the annual Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park meeting about extensive plans underway to to maintain and repair the North Shore road.  The $2.8 million project is expected to be complete by December.  Because of the project, the island has its first traffic lights.  They are managing traffic on what-has-become a one lane road where work is being done at Lind Point and Penn Point at Maho Bay.  It’s been 15 years since the roads have had such attention. 

The Park’s biggest event of this year, Frederick added, will be creation of a garden in front of the visitor’s center.  It will be dedicated to Laurence Rockefeller, the man who donated the Park’s land.

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