Enighed Pond formally opened

Gov. Turnbull and a number of Senators cut the ribbon to officially open the Enighed Port.  The project was conceived more than 20 years ago, and completed several months ago.  Island administrator Julien Harvey
said there is still work to be done, including added bathrooms, install
water, build an 800-square foot administration building, and add public
phones. Opening the port "is a positive step for St. John and the
entire Virgin Islands."

The $16 million facility includes 650 feet of dock space for cargo
carriers, 6 acres of cargo handling and storage, and a channel that can
accommodate vessels up to 175 feet long, the Virgin Islands Daily News reported.

Port ceremony draws demonstrators

About a dozen St. Johnians were barred from attending the Port
opening ceremony where they hoped to show their concern about real
estate development on St. John.  They were herded outside the
facility’s exit gate where they, nonetheless, made their point, the St. John Source reported.  Condominium projects were at the center of the group’s concern.

Sen. Craig Barshinger "saluted" the Dept. of Planning and Natural Resources for its recent denial of a permit for a multi-story condo at Pastory.  Radha Speer, wife of well known architect Glenn Speer,
was among the demonstrators.  She said she’d "like to see a moratorium,
on building until we figure" out how to prevent runoff which occurs
when land is cleared.  The Gov. and several Senators talked with the
protesters and were thanked for listening.

Real estate scoreboard, 4/25/06

    * Houses:  104 (up from 101 on 4/17)
    * Commercial:  26 (down from 27 on 4/17)
    * Condos:  52 (up from 50 on 4/17)
    * Land lots:  249 (unchanged from 4/17)

              Gym_1                    Source: Multiple Listing Service

Gym in Paradise
has been repriced down to $140,000.  A listing here about 18 months ago
had the Marketplace-location listed at more than $300,000.

Lottery terminals are at four locations

Polli’s, Cap’s Place, Larry’s Landing, and Captain’s Corner have installed a total of about 40 video lottery terminals on St. John.  More are possible, ac cording to the V.I. Lottery Commission
which says only a third of the allowable machines have been installed
on the island and St. Thomas.  The Commission said the government
received almost $3 million in license fees for the terminals.

Tage gets new chef

There’s no "under new management" banner hanging from the roof, but
everyone knows that Tage has undergone some changes.  The new chef is
Chris Frangiadis, who’s reportedly been sitting around waiting for the new restaurant at Mongoose to open (when, already???).  Chris’ style is "French in technique, global in scope," according to a report on USVI-Online.
There’s an all-new menu, and an all new staff because the folks who
were there a few weeks ago when the previous chef left couldn’t go a
couple of weeks without pay.  So they moved on, and new folks have
moved in.  One visitor says that "We have eaten at Tage twice since it
reopened, and I must say the food is really good."

Marine show at Marketplace

The first annual Marine Show on St. John is scheduled for Saturday, May 6th at the Marketplace from 9am to 2pm.  The free show will include boats, educational presentations and demonstrations.  "Boats and engines of various shapes and sizes will be on display and for sale, sponsored by Bradford Aircraft & Marine Accessories, Gary’s Marine Service, Maritime Yacht Sales, and Offshore Marine, a spokeswoman for the show said.  Bob Wilkensen of B&C Boat Building will also demonstrate techniques he uses to construct water craft.

DPNR Pastory, Sirenusa action lauded

"A THANK YOU Letter to Commissioner Plaskett,

"Thank you very much for listening to St. John’s concerns about the
proposed 9-Story building in Pastory and the violations incurred by the
Sirenusa project.  We support and encourage DPNR  enforcement of our
laws and regulations.


"Doug White, Island Green Builders Association (IGBA); Lorelei
Monsanto, Unity Group; Sharon Coldren, Coral Bay Community Council,
Inc.; Kristen E. Cox, Guy Benjamin Elementary School; Rob Crane, St.
John Community Foundation; Gregory Edwards, concerned Pastory resident;
Alan Smith, and Catherine Stephen, concerned Pastory resident.

"For additional information contact Sharon Coldren at 693-5590 or
513-4298 or Doug White at 690-0217, or any of the above people.

Condo plans crushed

"Permits Denied" — That’s the word from the Inquiring Iguana … whose sources often are good. 

Honestly, though, we’ll have to wait for some official confirmation.  But … word is that both Sirenusa’s extra stories and buildings, and the 9-story Pastory condo, have been vetoed by the DPNR/CZM/whatever powers that be. 

The Iguana hears this from a source in Coral Bay … which is dealing with its own development hassles.

The Iguana was also told that there was a meeting of the Island Green Builder’s Association Tuesday night – at which some visitors from St. Thomas were going to be advised some folks on St. J. have had enough "progress" of the monster-construction kind.

"Now, the Green Builders Assoc. is going to go after Grande Bay," Iguana is told. "They are thinking of a lawsuit."

Christensen pushes postal team

Delegate Donna M. Christensen said VI Postal authorities have about three weeks to make a decision where to build a new post office on St. John.  After meeting with Service officials, she told the St. John Source that both the Vendors Plaza, to be built in downtown Cruz Bay, or Guinea Grove, across south shore road from the Westin, "have problems."  She warned, "the (government) money may not be there if the (postal) team cannot make a definite presentation by the beginning of May".

Christensen commented after meeting on St. Croix with Postal Service representatives. "I took the opportunity to address constituent issues that have been repeatedly brought to my attention such as delayed mail, the holding and opening of packages by the Customs Bureau, and the late arrival of periodicals like Time and Newsweek," she told the Source.