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By now, you may have heard rumblings that The Tourist Trap is closing its doors for good. Sadly that is true; however today we’d like to share a bit of good news to all Tourist Trap fans … you can own a piece of it!

So here’s the skinny: The Tourist Trap is losing its lease, which really stinks in our opinion. It’s up November 30th, so unfortunately this will be the last year for Larry and the Tourist Trap. 🙁

We were chatting with Larry yesterday (as we munched on some delicious beef tacos and downed a few Caribs) and he let us know that he’s selling everything, including the famous Drink Right, Keep Left recipe. Yum!

Larry’s hoping that someone who loves The Tourist Trap will carry on its name, so he’s selling all of his recipes, both food and drink, all of his equipment and merchandise, The Tourist Trap name, which is trademarked, as well as the Drink Right, Keep Left recipe and name – also trademarked.

For those of you who may not be familiar with The Tourist Trap, it’s a great little spot out past Coral Bay. It opened eight years ago and was named one of the best Caribbean bars by Caribbean Travel & Life. We try to get out there at least once a week, so the fact that Larry lost his lease really bums us out. It’d be pretty sweet if someone scooped it up and opened it elsewhere.

If you’re interested in purchasing The Tourist Trap’s recipes, equipment, merchandise and branding rights, please contact Larry at (340) 774-0912.

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18 thoughts on “Own a Piece of The Tourist Trap”

  1. No!!!!! We were just there yesterday and had no idea! Every time we are in St. John we drive out there for lunch (even if everything else we are doing is on the other side of the island). What a shame! I hope someone scoops that up.

  2. We really hate to see Larry pack up. It’s businesses like this that personify Coral Bay’s funky charm and we’re going to miss the Trap, Larry, and his cooking. We wish him happy trails.

  3. I will really miss Larry and the Tourist Trap when I return. We started coming to St.John the same year Larry opened and stop in there at least a couple of times every trip. Best of Luck to you Larry as you move on in life. May you always have sunshine, good music, and loving friends surrounding you.

  4. This is so sad! We heard rumblings of this last year but hoped it wasn’t true. We love visiting Larry, Mary and all the others. Mary is such a dear friend, we will miss you all!

  5. Unfortunately we knew it was going to happen sooner or later was certainly hoping for later but will always remember the great food and conversations with Larry, Cheryl, Jen and Mary. Larry your cole slaw and Lobsta rolls were the best and we are going to miss them. Coming to see you was always one of the highlights of our visits it will not be the same without you. Glad we were able to enjoy one last meal this past May. Best of luck friend with your future endeavors.
    John & Cindy

  6. Jeff, my thoughts exactly! I knew I should’ve visited this May/June, but I just couldn’t get the funds together. Things are always changing, I know, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t. Will miss Larry, Miss Merry ( that’s how I spell her name!), the lobsta rolls and all the crazy people I keep meeting there. Hope to be there next year and wondering what will be in it’s place. Happy trails to all! 🙂

  7. Why doesn’t he move it to a new location himself? I’m confused…I might have missed something on the coconut telegraph on this whole story. It’s horrible, for sure, but if he’s selling all recipes and trademarks and such, but can’t run it at the same site, why not move it on his own? Sorry to be so ignorant…someone please refresh on the back story…

  8. STJ business fascinates me. (I am a geek.)

    So many questions, so few answers 🙂

    Why didn’t the property owner renew the lease? Did they live on the property and tired of the traffic? Wanted a boatload more money after seeing the success of the TT? What is the going rate for commercial space on STJ?

    Would relocating diminish the appeal of the TT? Or open the door to higher sales. The Hansen Bay ladies should buy it!!!!

    How does one value an intangible asset like the trademark name of a drink? Or a recipe for that matter? Just imagine if someone could can that drink! It would need to be a can for beach drinking.

    I am not being snarky, I am genuinely interested. Sadly, I will likely never know the answers….

  9. A shame. I was looking forward to introducing my kids to Larry and TT, but we’re not coming till Jan.

    All the best, Larry!

  10. Not able to down Larry’s lobster rolls is bad enough, but there are also hundreds of Bananaquits that will be out of a meal. The sugar market will also suffer a huge drop in demand.

  11. Need info on bar and surrounding property. I have been looking to open a beach bar…this may be the opportunity I have been looking for. Please email me…thanks

  12. SO disappointed to hear The Tourist Trap closed! They had the BEST lobster rolls! We were recently in Boston, MA, and nothing compared to the lobster rolls at The Tourist Trap. Does anyone know if someone bought the recipes and will be starting a new location? We only get to St. John, USVI, every couple years and The Tourist Trap was always someplace we stopped for lunch.

  13. Tourist Trap, Miss Vie’s, Donkey Diner – these were all places that made us keep coming back. It will miss some of its charm and appeal! Best to you Larry. We loved your tacos and lobster rolls and the beautiful views!

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