Outlook for hurricanes this season worsens

The nation's foremost hurricane forecasters believes there is a two-out-of-three chance that a big storm will track in to the Caribbean this year.  In their latest storm outlook forecast, William Gray and Phil Klotzbach say, "We foresee a very active hurricane season in 2010."

Back in December, the Colorado State University forecasters said six to eight hurricanes could be expected.  In their June 2 outlook, that number has risen to 10, with the number of 'major hurricanes' rising from three to five.

The possibility for at least one major storm, category 3-4-5) tracking into the Caribbean stands at 65%, compared to an average of 42% during the last century.  The area included ranges from Trinidad to the south, the Virgin Islands to the north. Martinique on the east to Cuba on the west.  That's a big area.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. everyone panic!! i believe that’s the message. why do they do this to us all the time? just be ready. i believe we’re supposed to be in constant fear. we can’t live that way. life is no fun that way. if it happens then deal with it. otherwise, live life.

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