Our Hiking Trails are Open Too!

The view from the top of Ram Head
The view from the top of Ram Head

Hello everyone and happy Friday! When I woke up this morning, I realized that I have forgotten to tell you all that so many of our hiking trails are open. So guess what? So many of our hiding trails are open!

Thanks to volunteers and members of the National Park Service, more than a dozen of our trails have been cleared of debris and are open for hiking. Here is the complete list:

  • Reef Bay – Starts at mile 5 on Centerline Road. The trail winds down 2.6 miles and bring you to the petroglyphs and sugar mill ruins
  • L’Esperance – Starts just after Catherineberg Road. This trail used to be a road. It takes you down to reef bay, and there are ruins near the top of the trail.
  • Cinnamon trail – This connect Cinnamon Bay with Centerline Road
  • Lind Point Trail – Starts behind the National Park Visitor’s Center and takes you to Soloman and Honeymoon beaches. You can also take the trail down from the National Park sign.
  • Johnny Horn trail – This trail connects Leinster Bay near Waterlemon to the Moravian Church in Coral Bay.
  • Leinster Bay trail – Takes you out to Waterlemon
  • Caneel Hill and Margaret Hill trails – Starts behind Mongoose Junctions and goes uphill. Great views from peaks at these trails.
  • Salt Pond – Located out past Coral Bay, this quick trail takes you to Salt Pond Bay.
  • Ram Head – One of my favorite hikes on the island! You start at Salt Pond, wind your way around Blue Cobblestone beach and head up to Ram Head.
  • Drunk Bay – This is a quick trail just off of Salt Pond Bay. Drunk Bay is known for its small characters made of coral.
  • Yawzi Point – This trail divides Great Lameshur from Little Lameshur.
  • Tektite and Cabritte Horn – These trails are located just before Lameshur bays.
  • Bordeaux Mountain trail – Located out at Bordeaux
  • Maria Hope trail – This was an old road that runs between Reef Bay and Maho Bay.
  • Brown Bay trail – Located out on the East End, this trail connects Centerline with Brown Bay. There are also small ruins along the way.
  • Water Catchment trail – This trail connects Centerline Road with North Shore Road. The trail passes Caneel’s water catchment.
  • Lameshur Bay trail – This connects Lameshur with Reef Bay.

If you are looking to learn more about these trails, please check out SeeStJohn.com. It provides details information plus the history of all of the island’s trails.

7 thoughts on “Our Hiking Trails are Open Too!”

  1. Please note that when declaring trails “open” it means that the trails have been cleared or fallen trees and other major obstacles. The Friends of the Park Trail Rehabilitation crew, after opening L’Esperance, Bordeaux, Maria Hope, and the America Hill spur, are now working at restoring trails to their pre-Irma condition improving trail tread, fixing drainage features, reopening view points, and fixing masonry structures.

  2. I hiked Rams Head this morning. Thanks so much for the efforts everyone to clear the trail. On my way back I put up the stone pillar for marking the entrance from the beach to the entrance for going up to Rams Head. Enjoy everyone.

  3. There was a great Christmas Bush at one of the Rams Head entrances; my wife is very sensitive the Poison Ivy and Christmas Bush, did the storms delete it from that location?

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