Real estate ‘pro’ wants to entertain offers

From Aspen, Colorado to St. John.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?

And at least one person is trying to 'live the dream' by holding him/herself out for employment on Craigslist.

"Looking to relocate and will be in St. John from July 5-28. Experienced R.E. manager/consultant/broker from Aspen, CO looking for slower pace. Honest, reliable and fun – please let me know if your firm needs a fresh face!"

Nice idea, but the Inquiring Iguana would wager that the last thing the market needs is another real estate salesperson on the island.  Back in the '05 heyday, he remembers there were more than 100 licensed agents. May still be.  But it's a different marketplace now.

6 thoughts on “Real estate ‘pro’ wants to entertain offers”

  1. Gee, in the V.I. if you call yourself an “Engineer” and were bahn hee you can be an architect, surveyor or get a sweet Government gig for six figures and bennies. Like 90% of the “surveyors” out there that didn’t have to take any qualification exam.

  2. Oh, and I forgot: if you get a sweet Government gig, you can still operate your “Engineering” firm full time, compete with those that are forced to avail themselves of government services, take their clients and DOUBLE or TRIPLE your income. Welcome to Nirvana!

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