Only One Barge Running…

captain vic

Just a heads up folks, the Captain Vic is the only barge running today. The Island Vic is having problems and is not running. The General II is also not running due to a ramp issue, according to a pseudo news site. And the Mister B. has been sitting at Enighed Pond since it was seized by federal marshals back in January.

This isn’t good. Garbage is piling up, fuel cannot get to the island and construction is at a standstill, as heavy trucks are not able to travel between Cruz Bay and Red Hook on our only running barge.

So what’s the latest on the Mister B? Well the Plaintiff in the case, Revere High Yield Fund, has requested that a hearing be held regarding its sale on or before August 12. They maintain that Boyson has yet to file any motions asking to “vacate the arrest” of the vessel, so therefore it should go up for sale. A new issue has arisen, however, which has to do with the defendant’s representation and their relationships with one another and the companies involved. It’s a lot of legal speak, but if you’ve got some time on your hands, here are a few court documents that may interest you:

4 thoughts on “Only One Barge Running…”

  1. We are headed down in a couple weeks with our three boys. We normally rent a jeep on St. Thomas when we all come to save on transfer fees but elected to rent on St. John this time. Sounds like the right choice.

  2. Fuel is still coming, E & C brings their’s in directly from Puerto Rico on a barge that comes directly to St. John. Trash was going out today, slowly but at least one container per run of the Capt Vic.

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