Only in St. John…

eyes blackout
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We had a pretty good story scheduled for today, but we could not ignore the obvious…

Where in the world loses power a few minutes before the Super Bowl begins?

Only on St. John folks. Only on St. John.

So as many of you may have read, power went out just after 7 p.m. local time Sunday night, mere minutes before the big game was set to begin. People wandered around Cruz Bay, almost bewildered in some instances. Lights were out everywhere from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay. Even the lights along Centerline were out.

Wharfside Village had lights (generator backups presumably) as did some spots over in Mongoose Junction. We heard an explosion over in St. Thomas was to blame, but we’ve been unable to confirm that as of late Sunday night.

Fortunately power was back on in Cruz Bay just after 8 p.m. I don’t know about you, but the whole situation made me think of a headline I read in the Virgin Islands Daily News back in December:

WAPA Continues to Bleed as VI Government Continues to Fail to Pay Multi-Million Bills

I’m not saying that’s to blame, but it all has to make you wonder.

And keep in mind, this all comes only two days after we realized this VI government error:

Sign spelled wrong
Image courtesy of Active St. John

Not only is there a gross misspelling in the signage, but how does more than three years since an incident constitute as emergency repairs?

Only in St. John folks. Only in St. John.

Let’s be honest – St. John is not a bad place to be. It has the most beautiful beaches in the world and some of the world’s best people. Seriously, where else in the world are you greeted with a “good morning” or “good day”? It’s a pretty sweet place all around, but it’s also fun to gripe once in awhile.

So what’s your best “Only in St. John” saying? Leave it in the comments. We’ll start:

  • Only in St. John will the power go out minutes before the biggest television event of the year.
  • Only in St. John will the government take three years to fix an “emergency” and then misspell the sign announcing it.
  • Only in St. John do you have to worry about a mongoose stealing your keys.

Your turn…

7 thoughts on “Only in St. John…”

  1. Only in St.John can you buy a STJ souvenir nail clipper/bottle opener combo…nothing is worse than spilling your beer because those dang long nails got in the way!

  2. Only on St. John, can you tell if the approaching vehicle on the wrong side of the road is tourist or local. The tourist is all the way on the wrong side.

  3. Only in St. John are there signs warning you that you will not be reimbursed for any food taken off your plate by birds (Trunk Bay) I love STJ !!

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