One Reader’s Exchange with Barry Diller

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So as many of you may know, the megayachts are slowing starting to arrive for the season. The first major sighting was last Friday when the Eos sailed into town. At 305-feet long, Eos is the world’s largest sailing yacht. Its owners are pretty famous too – Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg.

Well one News of St. John reader had a quick exchange with Barry Diller and we thought his story was worth sharing. We also have some of the pics he took below. Check it out:

We were at Vie’s when he came into Coral Bay. After a while, he swam by with chase boat. Chase boat driver put a dog in the water that swam over to Barry and both got out of the water. They both walked full length of the beach. I told him nice vessel and he smiled and I asked if his dog needed any water and he said he was fine. They got back in the boat and Barry drove it back to Eos. By the way, as they came into CB, the following boat had armed dude driving. Saw side arm with binoculars. -Bill 

Wow, that’s pretty intense.

The Eos has since left St. John waters and is reportedly over in Jost Van Dyke. Maybe they decided to check out this morning’s christening of the island-built Endeavor II. Click here to read more about that.

Want to know more about Eos? Click here and here to read last week’s stories and to view additional pictures.

Here are a few more pics from Bill:

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