On the Road: Maho Bay to Mongoose Junction

Today we’re taking a little cruise on St. John from the Maho Bay beach parking lot up North Shore Road and over to Mongoose Junction. Oh and we brought our friend Kenny Chesney along the way.

We promise this one will make you smile. Turn up your sound. 🙂

15 thoughts on “On the Road: Maho Bay to Mongoose Junction”

  1. Hi Jenn! That sure did bring a smile to my face this morning, that’s the quickest ride I’ve ever had from Maho to Mongoose! Looks like the island needs rain.

  2. Loved that! That ride looks so familiar … Can’t wait to get back there and experience it for real again … but I don’t drive THAT fast! LOL!

  3. Nice video. I’m assuming it was shot with some sort of Go Pro? I’m amazed by the lack of open air taxis flying by in the video. What’s up with that? More tourists in rental jeeps than taxis? Or off season? Or something else?

    • Hi Shannon,

      Yes, I shot it with a GoPro that was attached to my Jeep. It’s a fun way to capture video. Not sure about the taxis .. this was shot during high season.


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