On the Road: Coral Bay to East End

Hello folks and happy Saturday! Who wants to take another ride out east today? Well here’s another video we took for you. We started at the Coral Bay triangle and ended at the end of the road. We had to speed it up just a teeny bit for YouTube, but it’s still pretty sweet. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “On the Road: Coral Bay to East End”

  1. Anyone have a video of the surrounding roads near Island Stones in Catherineberg i.e. John head etc? Staying there in July and wanted to see what drive was like from place to North shore beaches. Thanks!

  2. Right On! Anyone who loves St. John should rent out on the East End! There isn’t a ton of inventory, but can find something in pretty much any budget. Really fun to explore what that area has to offer! A shame Vie’s isn’t up and really bums me out that Tourist Trap has closed up as well. Would be nice to see something cool go in either or both spots. Maybe the Greek food truck in Cruz Baty should start a franchise. LOL! Have fun guys!!

  3. Come visit Sloop Jones and check out our comfy colorful hand painted island clothing and other local art! Go to the end of the road and follow the signs! We will punt something custom for you or paint your own!

  4. Good morning. I went back to view this whole video and only 4 out of the 7 minutes played. I wonder if the full video can be posted to your Island Videos Tab? Love the East End!
    Dave in “Cold Buffalo”

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