Oil spill oozing its way to the Virgin Islands?

Noaa The experts say it won't happen.

The St. John Source's
Lynda Lohr
asked the National Ocean and Atmospheric
what's in store for the VI's. 

Spokesman Ben Sherman said there won't be a problem, "Because of the
way the currents go and because you’re so far south."  The southern tip of Florida and the mainland's east coast are
more likely to experience issues from the spill.  But, Sherman
added, "We can't rule anything out."

About a week ago, the BVI's Department of Disaster Management on Tortola also said, "There is a low probability that the Virgin Islands is under any threat."

But, if there is a problem, the DDM reminded, "“The Virgin Islands Government signed a memorandum of understanding with the United States Government on 12 August, 2004 that provides for assistance in the event of a major discharge of oil or other hazardous substances in the territorial sea or internal waters of the BVI or seaward.”

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  • NOAA's one-stop site for spill information and projections of where the pill is spreading is here.

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