Oil and gas help preserve Maho Bay beach


Photo credit: Steve Simonsen

The possibility a waterfront resort hotel will be developed at Maho Bay is dead.

That’s the takeaway from word that the National Park Service has received $2.25 million from the federal government to purchase the beachfront and 58 acres of land uphill. The purchase was completed with funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund – fees paid to the government as a result of offshore oil and gas leasing.

The linchpin in the deal was the Trust for Public Land, which was able tp purchase the land thanks to donations and then held it until the federal government came up with money for the National Park.

“The beach at Maho Bay is now protected in perpetuity,” said TPL’s Will Rogers.  “It will never be developed. A resort hotel and hundreds of condominiums could have been built there.”

The Trust is holding one more, large parcel of Maho Bay land.  It is hoped federal funds will be available for the Park to acquire it 2013.  You can show your support here by signing an online petition sponsored by the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park.

12 thoughts on “Oil and gas help preserve Maho Bay beach”

  1. Yeah,great news for everyone that loves St John.Development has taken a step back…..here’s hoping Repubs are not in the White House & in control of Congress or 2013 will pass without this purchase.

  2. How wonderful to read such encouraging news: “The beach at Maho Bay is now protected in perpetuity.” We can celebrate today, and for decades to come!

  3. yes, Ben- unfortunately, Maho Bay Camp’s lease is still in jeopardy
    this is from the FNP petition site:
    **Note, this is NOT for Maho Bay Camps, this is for the 200+ acres of land that stretch from Maho Bay Beach up the hillside.

  4. I’m sorry hackley1 you are living in a bubble (see Bill Maher show)..the Democrats (alone) bailed out the auto co’s..what would Detroit have looked like under a Repug (nant) ????

  5. I’m sure the turtles in Maho will appreciate the news as well. Maho has been our family’s favorite “last stop of the day” for 7 years now. Hope the camp survives as well.

  6. So no one is bothered that it was purchased as a result of offshore oil and gas leasing? With all the lefties on St. John I would think that alone would be horrendous to you. I guess it is ok when it meets your agenda huh?

  7. Try not use False Dichotomies (wiki) for decisions in life – as the right continues to use in political arguments. It is not an either/or choice (ex. you are either with us or against us…) Saving Maho Bay is a good thing – it has nothing to do with Detroit or Obama. Gas/Oil lease money exists whether Maho Bay needed saving or not. It did need saving – and that is a good thing.

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