October 10th Tidbits from Jenn

October 10th Tidbits from Jenn 1Here are today’s random thoughts…

1. It would be lovely if it stopped raining. Every time it rains, people get flooded all over again.

2. I drove out to the East End today. I’ll share the GoPro video with you as soon as I get a strong enough signal to upload it. The road at Haulover and Hansen is washed out. Lots of sand and rock on the road, but it’s passable. Miss Vi’s Snack Shack is still standing. That was a nice sight.

3. I saw lots of donkeys, peacocks and pigs today. Another nice sight.

4. I chatted with someone from WAPA last night. He wholeheartedly believes that power will be restored in Cruz Bay within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed!! Gallows Point will be the first to get power, followed by Grande Bay and then on to Cruz Bay. Obviously everything in between will get power too, but that’s the path it will take.

5. There were lots of crews clearing debris off of Centerline Road today. Yet another great sight. I know I’ve said it a bunch of times, and I will say it again – people are working so hard here.

6. The landslides on Centerline, closer to Coral Bay than Cruz Bay, continue to be problematic. The road is passable, but you can see that rock and mud continues to slide down during the rains, and as I mentioned earlier in the post, it’s raining more than we wish it would.

7. Cell service gets better everyday. It’s not perfect, but it’s a move in the right direction.

8. The island is still 100 percent without power. Today is the 35th day that St. John has been without power.

That’s it for now folks. Have a great day!

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  1. Great that Gallows Point seems to have withstood things and is getting power back, That was my honeymoon spot. Hopefully Joes BBQ will come back as well

  2. Thanks for the daily updates. I look for them every day. So Vi’s Shack still stands! The landslides and rain are worrisome for undermining the pavement on Centerline and elsewhere.

  3. Thanks, Jenn, for all your pics, insights. I read your daily. We had our lodging for FEB 2018 (close to Cruz Bay) and our hosts gave us a thumbs up so just today booked our flights… wow 275 pp (not incl taxes) from CHI to STT. We absolutely cannot wait. We know it will be different from our last visit but that doesn’t matter to us.

    KUDOS to all the hard workers, positive fwd thinkers -wherever they are.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead

    however you define “world”… (:

  4. Thank you for the updates. Things sound slow but sure. Will hope for rain to slow for you guys. When we can be of service rather than taking up resources we will look forward to being on the ground. Until then supporting some of the great orgs mentioned and watching these updates for which we are most grateful. Kathy & Shawn

  5. Jenn.
    From living on the island my heart breaks for all
    I know you are all strong and I pray for weather to
    Break and help to.be plentiful. Praying for all and thanking you for news of our island friends we were east Enders so hope the cottrells are getting
    Better and if we can get there we hope to help
    Love to all.




  7. I love your updates. Let your peeps know that people who love them are putting on a fun benefit in Portsmouth , NH on Saturday..proceeds to go to the Rescue. On another note, could someone please tell me how Eileen and John at the Garden by the Sea made out? I am dying to know…..really nice people that I stayed with back in May.

  8. Did Miss Lucy’s survive? I heard Skinny Legs lost its roof. The villa we rent is gone. Zap. Horrible mess. Best to all of you coping with this.

  9. Jenn,
    Thanks for all the updates! Really appreciated by all. Do you know how the people at Pottery in Paradise in Coral Bay are doing? Sorry to bother you with another request. Great to hear things are getting better!
    Rich & Kelly

  10. Thank you so much for keeping all of us on top of what is going on as we do want to come back and come back soon.
    Any news on Sloop? Hope he is okay. Any news on Caneel – Honeymoon?
    My Best

  11. Our prayers are with all of you in St John working so hard to restore our paradise. I would like to help – schools, business, needy families – please provide any contacts / info.

  12. Any news on Reef2peak on the east end? Jenn, Michael and baby “H” living in Coral Bay. worried about them. Also, Calabash Cotages up the boom…Susan and Paul.. thanks Jenn you are fantastic. I also wait everyday for your updates and stop along our spotty road up in sharon ct when I hear a ding…

  13. The header photo brought tears to my eyes – the devastation out the window contrasted to view in the rearview mirror. Thanks for your updates.

  14. Thank you so much for these updates. We have a wedding for our daughter planned for dec 10. Bit can’t get much feedback from anyone. Catered to. Is our rental co. For Ardisia in Cruz Bay. We just want someone to say. Postpone. Come on. What !? We love that island Have vacationed there in December for about 5 years. Can’t wait to get back. Prayers for all

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